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How large can my signature be?

The signature container is 900px width & 400px height, any more than that will be automatically hidden/cutoff.

Can we delete our accounts or request to ban them?

No but you have the option of self deactivating your account.
Simply head to this link -
Deactivate Account

Can we request to change our username?

Yes, we do give our users a choice to self change their usernames without imposing any post limits, but you can only do it once every 60 days. Head over to this link -

How do i show youtube videos on my profile page?

Head over to this link & steps on setting it up should be self explanatory - Account Preference

How do i check my next user title?

Check out the image below, when you hover over the widget on your profile, you will see how much more you need till you get the next title.

Flop (When they first join)
Trainee (requires 100 posts)
Nugu (requires 500 posts)
Rookie (requires 1000 posts)
Idol (requires 2000 posts)
Celebrity (requires 5000 posts)
Star (requires 10,000 posts)
Universal Star (requires 20,000 posts)
Queen/King (requires 30,000 posts)
Legend (40,000 +)

Why am i not getting trophy points?

System will run every 40 mins to update your trophies.

What is the referral system?

To gain more trophy points needed to participate in raffles & events, we've introduced a referral system which will grant you 1000 trophy points for every user referred to our website, but the user who you referred must have at least 20 post to gain your 1000 trophy points. So how do i start?

Just head over to this link -
Referral Page

How large can my image be?

Avatars, Covers & Attachments 3MB each, to optimise your images, i would recommend using to resize your images and uploading them on