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    What's your favorite ice cream?

    Vanilla bean, cookie dough, cookie n cream, cotton candy, birthday cake and bubble gum,
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    Before stanning your ults...

    my ult is NCT and I have already follow some of them since SM rookies days. Since I have stan SM groups since the moment I got into Kpop it wasn't difficult for me to get into NCT also.
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    What is your favorite asian drama?

    K-Drama: W, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Descendant of the Sun, Goblin, Fight my Way J-Drama: 1 Litre of Tears, Bloody Monday, Gokusen, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de, Hana Kimi
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    What was the first boy group and girl group you stanned?

    Boygroup: TVXQ Girlgroup: SNSD
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    Have you gotten sick at all this year?

    Nope. I rarely get sick even before COVID.
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    Would you survive a Zombie apocalypse? I probably be one of the first 2 die.
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    Favorite snack while watching movies, animes, etc.?

    Chips. also cookies.
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    Have you ever burnt food?

    I lost time of how many time I have burn food. One time I end up burning instant ramen because I forgot to put water before putting it in the microwave.
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    What do you spend a lot of money on?

    Make up, clothes/shoes and foods.
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    Do you easily find people handsome/pretty/attractive?

    I find a lot of my guy friends attractive, but I don't want to date them either. Though when I was younger like in middle school I easily had crush on every good looking guy that I see. Some of those guys were already in their 20s also.
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    Which manga series is your favorite?

    I don't read manga anymore, but FMA and Fruits Basket are my fav. Oh and Ouran High School Host Club. Those 3 are probably one of the few where I actually finish reading them.
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    What kind of music do you listen to when you're working?

    Usually just like K-pop or J-pop
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    what chocolate is the best chocolate?

    I love milk and white.
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    What is your go-to beverage at restaurants?

    Usually it Sprite or Coke, but if I am going to like a Thai restaurant I get Thai iced tea.
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    Do you like sad movies?

    I don't go out of my way to watch sad movies. I know for the fact that I will cry. Like I cried watching Frozen 2, If I were to watch a sad movies I will be crying throughout the whole entire thing.