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    if you could, would you like only one groupfor the rest of time? which?

    If I had to, it'd be EXO all day long.
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    Have you ever waited in line for a release?

    Not waited in line, but I'm terrible for pre-ordering as quick as I can. I did it again today and afterwards I was like girl chill the hell out.
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    are u afraid that

    Similar, but everybody is good.
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    are u afraid that

    First dose I was tired, off my food then nauseous for about three days. Second dose I had no side effects at all.
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    are u afraid that

    Had both doses of astra, second one a month ago.
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    Do you like the sound of rain?

    Yes! My room is in the attic of my house, so the rain hitting the roof helps me sleep. Got a bit fed of it though in May when it rained in the UK for the entire month.
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    Do you still have your first KS dp?

    Yep. I had Chandler for about three years on AKP too before I moved to this forum, so of course I had to bring him with me.
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    Would you adopt any idol as your kid/child (figuratively)?

    Han from Stray Kids, and also BamBam. Do the opposite then, adopt an idol to be your grandma/grandad :lisalaugh:
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    Video A, B, C, D, E-X-O 🤡🤡

    A-B-C-D-E-X-O is always so cringy whenever they do it, but I love it at the same time. We stan the nation's alphabet :sanapray:
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    what is your favorite potato chip flavor

    McCoys paprika flavour, but I also like prawn cocktail.
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    Popular food you dislike?

    Kimchi, or anything that involves being pickled/fermented.
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    What do you believe regarding Aprils controversy?

    I'm staying neutral too, it's just become a slanging match between everybody, you can barely keep up.
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    Did you ever ditch school?

    In high school I hated this one science supply teacher I had, so I used to go to the library til we got a new supply. Also at uni some of us had presentations that went horribly, so at midday we started to drown our sorrows and missed our afternoon classes/lecture as a result.
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    Do you get into new groups easily?

    I tend to listen to new groups or groups I've not listened to much before on a whin. This past few weeks I've been listening to Stray Kids' discography and really enjoyed it. I want to adopt Han after Kingdom.
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    How often do you order stuff online?

    Most of the stuff I want is online, or sometimes just easier to pre-order online so I know I have it secured.