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    Discussion Best Dorito flavors?

    Ranch and original
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    News Oh My God I Got Someone I Stan!

    What game is that
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    Discussion Update: I take back what I said

    I wasn’t sure if other people felt that or not. It’s so hard to stay up with a pounding headache. I hope she’s alright and gets better
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    Discussion Update: I take back what I said

    Yeah I thought it was overplayed at first too. I won’t die from it but by far the symptoms are getting worst along with getting chest pains now and that makes it terrible. Cant wait till there’s something to help manage this whole thing.
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    Discussion Update: I take back what I said

    More symptoms developed from Covid and its the worst thing I’ve experienced so far. The flu is much better I cant get far without feeling like I’m gonna collapse and faint and my headaches are the worst they’ve ever been. My body feels so weak and nothing relieves it and massaging it makes...
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    Thoughts When an insult is so bad you don't know what it means

    Yah but what about that onetime you do no touch 🙄
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    Thoughts Thanksgiving

    Just made whip cream for a pumpkin pie I made. Cant go anywhere or see a lot of people so my prep is doesnt exist a lot
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    Discussion How loud do you sneeze

    I sound muffled when I sneeze, like a moo. It isn’t quiet but I could pass as a cow from far away
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    Discussion I have the coronavirus

    I will but symptoms are coming on so fast. I went from walking around and laughing to weak muscles and constant fatigue in my bed It has a weird feeling that the flu doesn’t have...... mine does atleast. I still prefer this over not being able to move from the flu at all
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    Discussion I have the coronavirus

    Brain fog and I feel like I have an infection without symptoms. It kinda feels like I’m sick but without the cough and stuffy nose if that makes sense. Random aches here and there too plus diarrhea I think I’ll be fine but I’ll take good care of myself
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    Discussion I have the coronavirus

    From my friends and now I’ve probably spread it everywhere 🙂 oop Edit: spelling
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    Discussion Do you prefer movies or series?

    Series binge watcher
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    Discussion Ill take my happy ass back to allkpop

    Ohhhhhhhh I don’t see a lot of him there as I do see him here. I forgot him tbh
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    Discussion Slight unpopular opinion

    There’s a difference between public life and private life. As long as they keep it away from others and even mention it it shouldn’t be a big deal.
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    Discussion Slight unpopular opinion

    I couldn’t care enough if kpop idols smoked, did drugs, and drank underage when they were in school and teens. It’s bad and I don’t encourage drugs but if they did it and it didn’t harm them or they didn’t hurt other people then I don’t care