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  • like rs i thot u were a man
    welp. fairly understandable tho, i don't disclose that often (i didn't think it was as important but whatever)

    btw i'm female 🙂
    awesome yo
    It's less likely I'll be as active at all (for a few weeks or so). Thankfully the trip (rn) is going smoothly.

    Just wanted to let people know
    Ok to whoever was listening to the bop that is Mirrors by TVXQ I salute you for indirectly finding me a bop :pepeheart:
    I gave "Karina just dethroned Liz as my ult girl group bias" as something to type with your eyes closed, and somebody (they know who they are) had the audacity to put "good riddance to Liz"... guess I'm not putting stan-list related sentences anymore.
    (re)watching i saw the devil on tubi.
    but, but, you could've just k***ed him right then and there, but that doesn't give him that much pain in soo-hyun's eyes (at least from what i thought). after the aforementioned torturing, and a few minutes after, we then get to see kyung-chul in his house again - specifically, the room in which soo-hyun's fiancee was k***ed. after a beating, he reveals to soo-hyun that he doesn't know pain or fear. (1/3)
    that made me think. why, dear soo-hyun, did you go so far only to not see much? then, after sh leaves and goes outside, we come to realize that sh did one thing before he left. if someone were to open the door that leads to that room, then kyung-chul would have the same fate that marie antoinette had. so, when his parents (and son) tried to check in on him, we then learn that he does, indeed, have fear. so when his parents open the door, we are greeted by kyung-chul being beheaded in front of his family (2/3)
    again, to reiterate the first sentence of 2/3, what was the reason? sometimes, revenge isn't necessary, since time, at the end, will take people for you. then again, the film's great, and one that i recommend if you're into violent yet good films. but still, the emotion of it all reminded me of why i watched it again... to pass the time while the class does whatever. still a good film tho. thanks for reading this mess of a thread. (3/3)
    Ace: Let's not try to anger HIM...
    Taeyong: Who the fuck is 'him'?
    *ace points at donkey kong*
    Ace: Look, just don't anger him unless you want a Glasgow kiss or a knuckle sandwich...
    Taeyong: Ok. Now what do I not do- *KOed by a Giant Punch*
    Ace *looking around*: *speaks into walkie-talkie* Ok, you're good now, DK!
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