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  • I haven't been on this forum for 1yr since Sulli and Hara passed away. I've been grieving since then. The last time I came on here was year 12. And I just gave up then ever since. So how is everyone going?! :)

    How many more times does a idol have to take their lives due to bullies??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Love4Sulli
    Why is K-pop band BTS taking a break now – at the height of its global fame?
    The seven-member pop group, which has not taken any time off since making its debut in 2013, has been on an extended, sold-out global tour since last August
    Korea Times
    Korea Times

    Published: 2:14pm, 13 Aug, 2019
    How many member's are in KARA?

    What is KARA's fandom?

    How many member's did EXO originally have?

    Which group did OMG remake song Aing?

    How many sub unit's does NCT have altogether?

    What is Seulgi of Red Velvet real name?

    Who is Red Velvet's oldest member and youngest?

    Who is Twice's oldest member and the youngest?

    Who is Mr worldwide and who is Worldwide hansome?

    What is Suga's real name?
    Mid life crisis ?
    1. 7 Members - KARA
    2. Hidden Kard
    3. 12 Members - EXO
    4. Papaya's Listen to my world - Aing
    5. 4 - NCTU/ NCT127/ NCTDREAM/ WAYV
    6. Kang Seulgi
    7. 8. Red Velvet - Irene and Yeri
    8. Twice - Nayeon and Tzuyu
    9. Pitball is Mr.Worldwide/ Jin BTS Worldwide Hansome
    10. BTS - Min Yoongi (Suga)
    11. Who is IZONE's Maknae?
    12. How many member's did EXO original have?
    13. How many member's are still in EXO?
    14. How many member's are in Got7?
    15. What is Jisoo's dog name?
    16. What is Jennie's dog name?
    17. What are the member's name in KARD?
    18. Who are the member's of F(x)?
    19. Who is Jung Soojung?
    20. Who is Jung Soojung's sister?
    21. Where were the sister's born?
    22. What is Kai's real name?
    23. Who is Rose?
    1. Wonyoung
    2. 12 - Tao, Luhan and Kris.
    3. 9 members
    4. 8 or 7 - which do you think
    1. Which member's are part of the LOONA YYXY/
    2. Who is TWICE'S Leader?
    3. How many awards has twice won?
    4. How was IOI formed?
    5. How many member's does IZONE have?
    6. Who are the japanese member's of IZONE?
    7. What are the twins name in Girl Group Crayon pop?
    8. What is Lee Chaeyeon's twin sister name?
    9. Which group did Lee Chaeyeon's sister debut?
    10. How many member's are in NCT Dream?
    1. What is Chungha's real name?
    2. Who made Nayeon cry on SIXTEEN?
    3. Where was Jennie Kim born?
    4. How many members are still in SNSD?
    5. Who are the member's of SNSD's TTS?
    6. Which group debuted with song Into the new world?
    7. How many member's were supposed to be in Blackpink?
    8. Which company was Somi under?
    9. What is Somis full name?
    10. How many siblings does Somi have?
    11. how many members are in LOONA?
    Which group is Dami from?

    Who are the Japanese members in TWICE?

    Who is the Leader of Girl's Generation?

    Which group is Lisa in?

    Which group is Jaebeom from?

    When did Girl's generation debut and which year?

    Which group is Hirai Momo from?

    What is Ailee's real name?

    How many members did I.O.I originally have?

    What is Chungha's old group called?

    Which group did Doyeon and Yojung belong too?
    1. ?
    2. Momo, mina, sana
    3. Taeyeon but used to be Jessica
    4. Blackpink
    5. Got7
    6. 2008
    7. Twice
    9. 11
    10. Ioi
    11. Weki meki
    1. Dami/ Lee Yoobin rapper of Dreamcatcher/ used to be named MINX
    2. Mina/ Momo/ Sana
    3. Taeyeon/ Once Jessica.
    4.Lalisa Manobun- Blackpink.
    5. Got7 - Jaebeom.
    6. November 1, 2007 by company label SM Entertainment.
    7. Twice
    8. Ailee's real name is Amy Lee born in Denver, Colorado, United States but pursuit her dreams in South Korea.
    9. 11 members - IOI
    10. Chungha is from IOI.
    11. Weki Meki
    Who is this girl's name and which group is she from? :sakUwu:
    How many members does Everglow have?
    When did Twice debut?
    Who cried during JYP's Mnet SIXTEEN?
    1. ?
    2. 5?
    3. October 2015
    4. Momo and Dahyun
    1. Sakura Miyawaki from HKT48 + IZONE
    2. Six members
    3. October 20, 2015 - Correct
    4. Momo/ Dahyun/ Sana/ Mina/ Nayeon
    Quiz Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 :haylul:


    Which Girl Group name starts with T ends with E?
    How many members does Girl's Generation have?
    Which member of black pink was born in New Zealand but moved to Australia?
    Which member of Twice changed their name?
    Who is the real maknae Nayeon or Tzuyu?
    Who trained for 10 years under the JYP Ent.?
    1. ?
    2. 8
    3. Rose
    4. Jihyo (Jisoo)
    6. Jihyo
    1. TWICE
    2. 8 - Correct
    3. Rose Park Chaeyoung - Correct
    4. Jihyo (Jisoo) + Yoo Jeongyeon (Yoo Kyungwan)
    5. Tzuyu - Correct
    6. Park Jihyo (Jisoo) - Correct
    What were the political changes and the effect on it...?

    geographical characteristics of the community. economic changes, experience after change. Influence the feelings of inclusion, feelings of exclusion. degree of social connectedness, cohesion and social capital.
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