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    Game Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!!

    I Can't Breathe (the song and because she's so pretty)
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    Game Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!!

    yes they're very versatile too. i listen to miss pingpong when i feel down cause it brings up my confidence and makes me happy. i've never heard a gwsn bside or song in general i wasn't completely obsessed with i recommend checking them out for sure!! ^^
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    Why do kpop stans buy their headphones from the dollar store!!

    "Why don't they invest in some quality headphones. :umwhat:" i have $5 what do u want from me?
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    comment and I'll

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    Have you ever changed your bias just because you felt there was someone else in the group who was overlooked?

    i used to because i felt really bad for the other members but i realized it's kpop who cares? now i just bias whoever i like
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    Intro Hi new member!

    omg i'm late sorry (i wasn't online yesterday) welcome to KpopSource forums!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!! I'm koko ^^ I also stan the same groups (plus more) except P1harmony cause i'm still learning about them.
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    Question for everyone

    being used. i can tell u its horrible first hand
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    Comeback 공원소녀 GWSN 'Other SIde Of The Moon' comeback thread | 2021/05/26

    "Other Side Of The Moon" teaser photos (MIYA'S HAIR??????????????????????????????????)
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    Appreciation give me some underrated/nugu group songs to stream

    Some Flowers by Poetic Narrator. they're a duo and I love their music but i don't know anyone who knows of them and i find that very strange idk how popular they are in Korean tho
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    Will he have your vote next election?

    yes :sanapray:
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    Signs or coincidences?

    signs. those are angel numbers it's said that if u make a wish at those times then ur wish will come true. personally, i like to believe in it
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    How long does is take you to realize that you are attracted to someone?

    it depends. sometimes it's immediate sometimes it takes a month or two
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    Which users have your favorite layouts?

    thank u sm<333 pls my layout isn't even finished :pepecry1: