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  • *person follows me on KS*
    few days after
    *person unfollows me*
    Few days after..again
    *person follows me*
    and so on and so forth...

    Like sometimes I'm curious of people's mindset, When someone follows you then unfollows you after a while and doing it again and again. Like Dude why bother following back when you're going to unfollow ?
    Hi hi hi :)

    do you plan on keeping your the8 card?

    do I have a common card you’d want to trade it for? Except giyu and miyeon because they’re in a potential trade atm.
    I’m also getting bts jimin if you want to trade jimin for the8.
    can never have too much Jimin :ankha:

    have you seen the Proof photo teasers :plushielove:

    Nope not yet but I'll see them whenever I get the time. And sorry for the late reply.
    yes there will be more teasers coming out throughout this month, so you'll eventually see them! And no worries, your reply wasn't late at all.
    At the same time Idk If I really want to create a short fanfiction or just drop random scenes. It seems fun to me lol
    So I was reading this TwicexMalereader FF,
    It got very chaotic at the beginning where I didn't expect smut to the first chapter
    With all 9 members
    :dubuwave: Welcome to KPS! I'm an ARMY as well, but J-Hope biased. What groups do you stan, besides BTS?
    Yo, Thnxs 4 the welcoming, I'm a fan of Jimin, Other groups I stan are Twice, Astro, Blackpink, and more,
    yo wassup
    im xi/euxi n im known for bein the biggest swith, n biggest choerry stan n this forum haha
    he/they pronouns dont mess it up
    n im the unofficial new-comer help
    so, if u have ny questions abt tech, cards, awards r nything else hmu
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