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  • Ok. I don’t really listen to EDM. I like Electronica but not EDM. I like Future Bass and Deep House among others but I really dislike EDM. But I’m giving Make It Right a go because I love the original song.
    I know I haven’t been replying or posting but I do look at all the posts that people tag me in :( I hope no one removes me or something
    Busy busy busy busy busy busy busy. It’s become difficult to log in every day :( It won’t be surprising if I stop logging in by next month. I’m stacked with an awful amount of papers I have to write and it’s only the start of the semester.
    I am scared. We hit it off well talking about GOT7, then I found out that you're 25 like me and your birthday is just a day before mine. Always knew Aries get along well. LOL. :pepeheart:
    Holyshit really?! Yeah, Aries people usually click it off from the start. It’s like we sense each other and what we like and dislike is somehow similar. :D
    Hahaha, yes. I was shook about it. I've never met an another aries that I don't get along with.
    Just stepping through to say you've got amazing taste! Seventeen, NCT and it looks like EXO aswell! Not to mention the SHINee and TVXQ!

    The taste is undeniable!
    Oh, it must be because of the longass list of articles I’m required to read. But I don’t need to just yet, right? They’re still due on Friday. Right?
    I still have time, right? Why do I feel guilty procrastinating? Technically, I’m not because I don’t have anything to do yet. But why do I feel guilty?
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