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  • Hi! Nice to see you again :pikahappy:
    A few days ago I asked on the 2ne1 thread if we should make new badges for the girls. I noticed that you're not included in the tag, so I want to know if you'd be interested in making new badges. I don't have a lot of time but you know I move mountains for my hags and I can claim the badge thread.
    Sure you can claim the badge. I'll make a new one.

    I can't really blame Bjs for not being active when 21 members haven't been constantly active for 6-5 years now. Its October & CL has only released one teaser, Minzy released one single with no follow up. Besides Dara none effectively use social media or are in the media when their not promoting. Like where has Bom been and when is her fall comeback? Its October....
    Ok, I'll claim the thread then. About Bom, I don't even know...she went live on IG for like 30s and said she was going to say a lot of things but nothing has come out of it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Bom's company is going through difficulty because of the pandemic, or worse if maybe Bom or someone close to her got COVID. Hopefully she didn't have a depressed episode with the stay at home orders and the comments she received during the summer. Honestly I just want better communication from D Nation and for her to be promoted regularly.
    Hello, how are you?
    What did you think about (G)I-dle's comeback? :maheart:
    Okay I know this is 2 months late but I’ll still answer. I loved the lyrics of the song. The MV was absolutely stunning though I wished more time could have been spent with each shot. However I liked the song itself the least. The beat, production & arrangement was okay & not very memorable. This held the song back from truly exploding especially domestically.
    Hello! I just want to remind you, that the preliminary vote for Bom's new badge will be open until 07/15. Please, vote for your favorite one!
    Kpop fans need to understand that many times older artist who have been in successful girl groups don't care about the charts just about doing what they love and pleasing their hardcore fans. Their values does noy live and die by the numbers.
    Between her two biggest fansites on Twitter CL has 175.6 thousand plus 1.2 million on her personal Twitter. And YG is letting this huge fan base rot......
    Did I mention AKP was a sh!t hole? Someone there just said that 2NE1 had no talents or charm..yet this person stans ITZY who everyone was comparing to 2NE1. Lol. I know that sites hates on anyone who has a comes back at the moment so for March I will be on there even less.
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