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  • Hello!!1 I am interested in a lot of your cards! are any for trade? :pandaangel:

    Ab6ix Woojin
    Agust D 2
    Astro cards
    ateez cards
    blackpink jisoo
    Cix yonghee
    Dreamcatcher cards
    G-IDLE shushua
    iu 4 rare
    monsta x cards
    nct, nct 127, nct dream
    oneus cards
    seventeen cards
    stray kids changbin
    any treasure cards( yoshi is my highest prio card)
    txt taehyun
    verivery cards
    vixx cards
    haii i need ur NCT Sungchan rare + NCT 127 doyoung + NCT Dream Renjun and ur hoshi 3
    I'm offering Everglow onda rare +maybe also enhypen heesung hw any cards of mine you want but cravity, seventeen and loona are off limits oh and my yongguk rare
    Sorry for the 2 months lateness, but I'm not on a lot. I will trade the two NCT cards if you still want them.. but Hoshi is not for trade.
    i don't have a lot of rares for trade rn
    JP y r u awake at 3am ur time? Belated All hallows eve btw if tats sthg u arent opposed to!!
    Ok. So I got my ride. I did my interview for my internship. And for the podcast. Upon completing the interview [for the internship] she said that she wanted to conduct a 2nd interview. So I am happy about that!
    Oh, wat podcast? U nvr mentioned a podcast-this is why i flopped n hated school reading incomprehension, i just skimmed over the podcast after reading "internship" :nekoshy::nekopout:

    So u might need another ride for 2nd interview for ur internship?(another thing i reread n dint find on reread this time, maybe another reading incomprehension).

    Ah 3rd reread tells me internship n podcast seem to be entirely different things tho is tat rite? Interesting, will i finally be able to hear ur voice if ur on a podcast? Or r u a tech/producer/flunkie/background person?

    Wats the podcast about btw?

    Glad things went well so far.
    So finally got my internet on. My ISP finally got it together. Only 30 mbps, but better than 1-5 like it was. Did my second interview. Likely to get the internship. They said they'd likely start me out in an anger management/DV group client base. But I don't mind.. I .. just.. want.. hours! lol

    The podcast is different from internship interview. The podcast was digital and the interview was through zoom so was digital as well.

    The podcast was for members of a specific religious group to talk about their experiences. I don't know what it is about digital and phone communications, but I really dislike communicating digitally. I prefer in person it just feels like I can connect better with people in person.
    Do u want baekhyun 4 for ur Brave Girls Hayun? Howsabout Jonghyun 4, kai 2, Vixx N and/or ravi common, Wonho 3, 5 or Yongguk 1,2 or 4 for ur day6 sungjin or dean 3 or kim wooseok 4, tempest hyeongseop and/or the rose dojoon? nct sungchan, nct 127 doyoung, nct dream renjun, and/or zico 2,3 and/or 4?

    Monsta x can go either way, if ur keeping/collecting, ill trade to u MX Wonho common, or ill take ur MX shownu, hyungwon and/or IM;

    Column A (im offering)---- Column B (ill take in trade)
    Jonghyun 4 ---- day 6 sungjin.
    Kai 2 ---- dean 3
    Vixx N ---- kim wooseok 4
    Vixx ravi ---- tempest hyeongseop
    Wonho 3 ---- the rose dojoon
    Wonho 5 ---- nct sungchan
    Yongguk 1 ---- nct 127 doyoung
    Yongguk 2 ---- nct dream renjun
    Yongguk 4 ---- maybe hold off for now.

    So any thoughts on my scheme? Yay, nay, kiv?

    Any or all/or none if u prefer, or just baek 4 for brave girls hayun? :sanapray: :pandaangel::susPepe::pepeheart:thnx for reading/considering, JP!!
    Baek 4 sounds good. I just recently awoke so I'll get back to you about the others later today. :lisalaugh:
    No worries abt l8r responding/replying, JP :dab: :rosesmug::jenniesmug::irenecrazy: in the meantime ill post baek 4 <--> brave girls hayun n u can take action/agree in ur own time thnx JP :pandalove::pandahappy::pandaamazed::kittylove:
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