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  • @brekker
    Sorry that you had to wait for me quite a lot!

    First of all, about languages and Japan: I think that french isn't easy... When I was a school kid then I had to learn that, but almost nothing stay in my mind. Just a really few informations actually... Mostly because it felt as if it would had be a kind of "forcing" to me in that time and our teacher was a strange,dislikable person...
    Irish language is also one of the hardest languages by my opinion. I also tryed it on Duolingo because I really like the Irish/Gealic culture, but finally I gave it up...

    I like japanese music very much as well as I like anime, so you are kind that you mentioned these members!

    About SHINee and Choi Minho: Honestly, I know about the group just a very little... What I know is that they have a song called Sherlock and I know about that they lost one of their member on a sad and tragic way. Plus, I know Taemin.
    But I don't know Minho, although I plan to watch Hawarang in the close future - if I am not wrong then he played in that drama... Right?

    About ATEEZ: I like them because of their energy and I experienced that their songs have a good effect on my mood somehow, much more than other kpop groups' songs. Every member is so talented anyway! 🤩

    Maybe this is a silly thing to mention it, but actually I feel a little embarrassment sometimes when it comes to my mind that they are so young, that they are at the age like my little brother... 🤭😅

    Seonghwa is really handsome, that's undeniable! His long nose and his high cheekbones are make him very attractive by my opinion too.😍

    What do you think, is he really similar to Soohyuk? Or this is something what only I see on that way ?🤔

    About VIXX: I like them just a little actually, but this song is one of my favourite kpop songs.

    By the way, I think the oldest kpop band whom I really like is NU'EST

    Finally two interesting things:

    Yongguk and Dohyun has the same zodiac sign... Both of them are Aries.😁

    And I recognized that one of my favourite cover is Everybody from SHInee:
    The video is working to you?
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    If this isn't problem then now first I will write about what kind of japanese music is that I like because @Flocon also asked me about music...😁
    I will be honest and tell that I don't use to looking for rap songs directly since I prefer songs with vocal more... So I don't know Salu, sorry!
    My taste is more something like alternative pop/rock, but I can't name an actual genre... 😅
    Here are some of my favourites... Hope theses videos will work!

    About anime: around three years ago I watched lot of anime, but nowadays I am watching less of them. Currently I only continue Attack On Titan. What I adore in anime that the drawing, the art of them are so amazing and their soundtracks too...

    And yes, V is also in Hwarang, actually I am interested in that drama because of him, although I am not a real fan of BTS...
    I think you can find that Everybody cover if you search on Road to Kingdom at Youtube.

    Actually I meant that Seonghwa and Lee Soo Hyuk are very similar... I know that very easy mistook these names.
    Yongguk and Dohyun are Aries.
    Lee Soo Hyuk is Gemini.
    And my zodiac sign is Capricorn... I almost was born on the same daylike V. 😁 But my Moon sign is also Sagittarius like Soo Hyuk's Moon sign.
    What is your zodiac?

    Hope I didn't skip anything accidentally!
    thank you for sharing your music with us! ♥ I have a bit of a listen to a couple of songs and I think I need to let them grow on me. I do try to judge things lightly as I sometimes think "nah, it´s not my taste" just to later come back and like it really.

    I agree with you that some anime has really amazing art in them. it must take a lot of time to create such an imaginative world and I really admire all the artists that work so hard.

    you don´t like BTS? :) I must admit I like BTS, I just don´t say it that loud too much because I don´t want to be associated with the Army (their crazy fanbase). however, they are really hardworking and amazing in all aspects. but you seem to like Day6?! I have just discovered them! I know too little too late, but I´m still relatively a newbie. I have known about kpop for some time, but just now (or last year) got into it properly.

    it´s Libra! I can´t decide on ANYTHING in life :D ahaha. and no worries! ♥

    Once I had a little argument with BTS Army before, so yeah, I know them...😁 I have no any real problems with those boys , of course, but I am unable to "fell in love" with them so deeply.

    Day6 is a very cool band. I like their style and they are talented. By my own opininon Young K has the most beautiful and awesome voice what I ever heard since I listen kpop. He can sing and he can do that so well! 😍
    Strange, but I am bad at following news and gether informations about those korean artists, bands or actors whom I like... I have just a few basic background infos like their zodiac sings. 😅

    By the way, you don't have to listen all of those songs what I shared, only if you want to listen them and if you have free time to do that, of course... It's ok. 👍
    I shared them only because I would like to show to you somehow that my taste is like these songs.

    Ooh, I like zodiac topic, but I don't like these zodiac stereotypes... Libras are cool abd they can make decitions! Don't believe in that stereotype! 😉

    Funny thing that nowadays my most loved favourites have fire or air zodiac signs... Except Woo Do Hwan. I don't know why? 😅🤔
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