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  1. Chungha

    Discussion Update: I take back what I said

    More symptoms developed from Covid and its the worst thing I’ve experienced so far. The flu is much better I cant get far without feeling like I’m gonna collapse and faint and my headaches are the worst they’ve ever been. My body feels so weak and nothing relieves it and massaging it makes...
  2. Chungha

    Discussion I have the coronavirus

    From my friends and now I’ve probably spread it everywhere 🙂 oop Edit: spelling
  3. Chungha

    Discussion Slight unpopular opinion

    I couldn’t care enough if kpop idols smoked, did drugs, and drank underage when they were in school and teens. It’s bad and I don’t encourage drugs but if they did it and it didn’t harm them or they didn’t hurt other people then I don’t care
  4. Chungha

    Discussion I think I have Covid

    My friends family has Covid and is testing positive, but before the results came out I was hanging out with her. The results came out this morning but when they had symptoms I was with her. Ive been having symptoms lately and my family were also exposed, as my sibling kissed a girl he’s talking...
  5. Chungha

    Discussion What’s your thoughts about this music video

    Idk if I like it, it’s flashy but the vocals are decent ig Here
  6. Chungha

    Thoughts I’m annoyed (vent thread)

    My math teacher doesn’t know what he’s doing. He passed out a mathsheet to everybody and we got to this certain point. My friend and I figured it out but my other friends got different answers so I went up to ask him who was correct. The question is simple and literally money with percentages...