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  1. pastel

    Tag users that you'll bring to your spring party...

    What would you request them to bring and list the songs that you'll play at the party. The songs can be western or k-pop songs too! @Areum101: Beverages/Tart Cakes @Yukibana: Party hats/flowers @stfu: Forks/Plates (No knifes way too dangerous) :nekolove: Music playlist: 1) Somi - Birthday 2)...
  2. pastel

    Do you have a favorite type of tree?

    My favorite trees will be sakura trees, they are sooo pretty when the petals fall onto the ground.
  3. pastel

    Do you like winter?

    Winter really isn't my favorite season because it's extremely cold and you can get a cold from the cold season, the last time I walk home it was snowing hail I got frostbites which sting and my hands were frozen. The positive thing about winter is that the snow is pretty but deadly.
  4. pastel

    What water do you prefer?

    I bathe in warm water because it's really refreshing after a shower, and I cannot withstand cold water. I know that cold water is good for the skin but I wouldn't risk it for the world, I could have gotten sick or a bad cold. Once in a while, I would like cool water in the summer-time when...
  5. pastel

    Favorite types of chocolate?

    I like Herrero chocolates and kisses. I also kind of prefer Hershey chocolate bars. What's your favorite type and how often do you consume chocolates? Are you addicted to it or have a healthy relationship with it.
  6. pastel

    Favorite water brand?

    My favorite is Fuji! I like something more than simplicity :pandatea:
  7. pastel

    Favorite singers?

    My favorite singers are Jermey Zucker and Ed Sheeran :llama_wave:
  8. pastel

    If you could have one superpower...

    I would choose to have a power where I can transform myself to different places around the globe. I can save money and enjoy new culture's cuisines :sanapray:
  9. pastel

    Do you wear perfume?

    I don't but I'm planning to wear perfume in the near future, I'm not at that age to wear perfume yet. Any suggestions of a perfume scent, that you like a lot?
  10. pastel

    Fav kind of bubblegum?

    My favorite would be the mint one or the strawberry flavor of bubble gum Mint is my favourite, hail to the mint god :sanapray:
  11. pastel

    Ideal Boyfriend?

    Someone lean and tall, who's pale and bright. I want my ideal to be humorous and kind, someone not too annoying :nekolove:
  12. pastel

    Girly Girl or Tom boy?

    I think I lean towards both of them, I like sweats and comfortable clothing which makes me a tomboy. I occasionally like dresses too :blegh:
  13. pastel

    Favorite icecream flavor?

    My favorite icecream flavor is vanilla and strawberry! In the past, I have an obsession with the chocolate flavor. Do you guys have a favorite icecream brand? Mines would be Ben & Jerry's :lazypotato:
  14. pastel

    Game Song Combat!

    This is a game that I just randomly thought of, the gist of the game is to compete with members with songs. Ex) P1:The Fifth Seasons Or Secret Garden P2: The Fifth Seasons and so on forwards...
  15. pastel

    What's your favorite type of cookies?

    I like chocolate chip cookies and I try new flavors and types of cookies. I dislike oreos because it tastes exceedingly dry and I need to pair it up with milk. I like to dip cookies into milk if they are dry-tasting. Milk is the best with cookies:maheart:
  16. pastel

    If you could choose to be a idol for a day...

    I would choose to be Lisa because she's very friendly and outgoing, she also got extremely emotional when her fans were supporting her at the fan meeting. She seems like a fun and sociable person. If I was in her for a day, I would have trouble understanding my native language LOL :mess:
  17. pastel

    You're first song from your favorite group?

    My first song from Oh My Girl is The Fifth Season, I really enjoy this song and have been blasting this song countless times. I dislike how one of the rappers rap, it sounds monotuned :umwhat:
  18. pastel

    What is a place that you'll like to move to?

    I really wish to live in a community that shares the same language as me, so I would like to move to somewhere in China. Maybe Shang hai or Bei Jing, depending on which one has a better air quality. What about you? :wimwim:
  19. pastel

    Can you ice skate?

    I can't, I kept falling on my butt when my class went to the ice ski rank. I'm the complete opposite of what you see on screen. If you were in performance, what song would you perform with? :lazypotato:
  20. pastel

    Will you risk it all?

    Are you as determined as your fellow idols or will you quit halfway through the battle? Will you continue battling? Being an idol is not so pretty, they have to endure starving themselves and constantly being stressed from the monthly results. People don't realize how difficult and tiring...