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  1. kokoswrld

    Game Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!!

    I Can't Breathe (the song and because she's so pretty)
  2. kokoswrld

    Game Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!!

    yes they're very versatile too. i listen to miss pingpong when i feel down cause it brings up my confidence and makes me happy. i've never heard a gwsn bside or song in general i wasn't completely obsessed with i recommend checking them out for sure!! ^^
  3. kokoswrld

    Why do kpop stans buy their headphones from the dollar store!!

    "Why don't they invest in some quality headphones. :umwhat:" i have $5 what do u want from me?
  4. kokoswrld

    comment and I'll

  5. kokoswrld

    Have you ever changed your bias just because you felt there was someone else in the group who was overlooked?

    i used to because i felt really bad for the other members but i realized it's kpop who cares? now i just bias whoever i like
  6. kokoswrld

    Intro Hi new member!

    omg i'm late sorry (i wasn't online yesterday) welcome to KpopSource forums!! I hope you enjoy your stay here!! I'm koko ^^ I also stan the same groups (plus more) except P1harmony cause i'm still learning about them.
  7. kokoswrld

    Question for everyone

    being used. i can tell u its horrible first hand
  8. kokoswrld

    Comeback 공원소녀 GWSN 'Other SIde Of The Moon' comeback thread | 2021/05/26

    "Other Side Of The Moon" teaser photos (MIYA'S HAIR??????????????????????????????????)
  9. kokoswrld

    Appreciation give me some underrated/nugu group songs to stream

    Some Flowers by Poetic Narrator. they're a duo and I love their music but i don't know anyone who knows of them and i find that very strange idk how popular they are in Korean tho
  10. kokoswrld

    Will he have your vote next election?

    yes :sanapray:
  11. kokoswrld

    Signs or coincidences?

    signs. those are angel numbers it's said that if u make a wish at those times then ur wish will come true. personally, i like to believe in it
  12. kokoswrld

    How long does is take you to realize that you are attracted to someone?

    it depends. sometimes it's immediate sometimes it takes a month or two
  13. kokoswrld

    Which users have your favorite layouts?

    thank u sm<333 pls my layout isn't even finished :pepecry1:
  14. kokoswrld

    What is something that automatically makes someone more attractive?

    when their hair is short and fluffy idc what gender they are if their hair looks like this: they're my soulmate
  15. kokoswrld

    wonyoung from izone :sanapray:

    wonyoung from izone :sanapray:
  16. kokoswrld

    If you had to give your faves English names...

    Yeonjuns is already Daniel and Vivis is Vivian so only The8 left lol. I'd give The8, Henry because he looks like that animal crossing character named Henry they have the same smile literally wholesome :maheart:
  17. kokoswrld

    trying to guess who my next kpop group obsession will be

    ateez, txt, or golcha (i can help u learn their names hehe)
  18. kokoswrld

    give me your ult and i'll ask you questions about them

    ikr it suits him so well :bigcatlove: