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  1. kokoswrld

    Comeback 공원소녀 GWSN 'Other SIde Of The Moon' comeback thread | 2021/05/26

    GWSN IS COMING!!! "OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON" 공원소녀 GWSN 'Like It Hot' MV Teaser #1 #Like_It_Hot RELEASE :: 2021.05.26 18:00 KST #공원소녀 #GWSN #公園少女 #公园少女 #GirlsinthePark #Like_it_Hot #긴_밤의_moonlight_저_달빛_널_바라본_그루
  2. kokoswrld

    Game Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!!

    Just do as the title says: Comment a pic of ur ult bias(es) and I'll give u a gwsn song recommendation!! :D I'll give u any song by them!! Title track or b-side doesn't matter <33
  3. kokoswrld

    Let's all welcome GWSN to my ult line

    I've been casually listening to them for a long time but now I'm ready to stan and they are easily becoming on of my favorite girl groups their b-sides are masterpieces
  4. kokoswrld

    Help me pls

    how do you come up with ideas to make threads? i have no clue what to post :nekosweat:
  5. kokoswrld

    Favorite album by a soloist?

    What are some good albums by some solo acts in the music industry? Some of my favorites are 'Lyricist' by Heize, 'Hope World' by Jhope, and 'Warning' by Sunmi these are mostly really short but i don't have a long attention span :< i'm currently listening Yukika's 'timeabout' album (still pretty...
  6. kokoswrld

    Appreciation Favorite kpop collab?

    could be any kind of collab (singing, dancing, performing, etc) mine is LOONA and The Boyz performing Blinding Night by The Weeknd. The Weeknd even said he liked the stage
  7. kokoswrld

    Favorite movie growing up?

    Mines were Caroline, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Labyrinth (1986) (i'm not that old my dad just showed me the movie when i was a kid lol) What about you?
  8. kokoswrld

    Intro Hii!! Im new to this forum!!

    Hello!! Im new to these forums!! Ive been on other forum sites so i am quite familiar with how forum communities work. My name is keiko but my friends call me koko!! my ult groups are loona, txt, and seventeen. my ult biases are vivi, yeonjun, and the8. i listen to almost all music genres except...