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  1. jon_oppar

    Appreciation more and more is such a bop

    its so good fr idk why people say its a bad song, or even say it's a weaker twice title track, i love it so much i get preference and such, but idk, its a bop and i will never think otherwise :/ thats all i have to say lol, stream more and more ig
  2. jon_oppar


    Petition for companies to start releasing instrumentals as well as studio acapella versions of new releases from their groups i cant be the only one who loves acapella versions of songs to sign this petition, idk comment or answer the poll i guess
  3. jon_oppar

    okay but seeun ate with this hair

    seeun literally looks so good with the princess hime/hime cute/princess cut haircut (it's usually called the hime cut, or princess cut, but i just combine the two since they mean the same haircut) if you dont know what the princess hime haircut is, it's essentially a haircut where the portion...
  4. jon_oppar

    is it just me or....

    jooe is so pretty and always has been but idk i was watching the Ready or Not MV and i legit could not take my eyes off her, she looks so pretty the long black hair seriously suits her so well idk what changed because she looks exactly the same as before but idk i guess the hair and makeup just...
  5. jon_oppar

    okay but why does rollin by brave girls slap

    its literally so good like i completely understand why it suddenly shot up in popularity in the past month a true example of a song that was ahead of its time in my opinion heres a video of them performing it (its kind of a compilation of sorts)
  6. jon_oppar

    Taeyeon Card Ideas

    Okay so idk if the card people have already chosen a pic to use or not, but here are some ideas for what they could do (I'll post some for soloist Taeyeon, and a few for group) also ik these dont look like cards lmao, idk what they use to make them and get the border and such, so all i did was...
  7. jon_oppar

    Information what was that girl group song

    theres this song that just popped in my head and i dont remember what its called and the part i remember is "ohh eh ohh" and its like all the members at once i think its a loona song but idk, its definitely a girl group tho edit; i found it omg (around 0:35)
  8. jon_oppar

    what do you think of the 2020 kpop debuts

    so several groups have debuted this year, what do y'all think of these debuts? personally, most of the girl groups that debuted this year are frigging awesome (ie STAYC, Weeekly, etc) discuss <3
  9. jon_oppar

    is this forum dead or just resting?

    k so i joined like 2 days ago and ive noticed this forum is a little slow feeling. Like theres not a bunch of people online at a time and the people that are online at the same time are usually the same people (not that its bad or anything). Just something ive noticed (also can someone pls spam...
  10. jon_oppar

    Appreciation Eyes Wide Open Album Song Rating/Ranking

    (I didnt know which category to put it under, lemme know if it needs to be changed) Eyes Wide Open Introduction; Eyes Wide Open is the second Korean-language studio album by South Korean girl group Twice. It was released on October 26, 2020, by JYP Entertainment and Republic Records. The album...
  11. jon_oppar

    soyeon of (g)-idle is one of, if not, the best female rapper of 3rd gen groups

    (idk if (g)-idle is considered 3rd gen or 4th gen, but i consider them 3rd gen) without a doubt, shes one of, if not, the best female rapper of 3rd gen. Her raps are seriously addicting and almost hypnotic in a way. what do you guys think? discuss <3
  12. jon_oppar

    k so why i wanna cry after watching only the SECOND episode of danganronpa

    k so i started watching danganronpa, and the the second episode makes me want to cry.
  13. jon_oppar

    Appreciation k so might start stanning Day6

    so i was on akp and someone posted a vid of how the female key version of Wonpil sounds like Rose from Blackpink and lowkey i kind of like their voices, so might start stanning:welp::welp::welp::welp::welp:
  14. jon_oppar

    how does one get cards

    idk how to get cards, how do i do it also is there a taeyeon card?:wonugl::wonugl::dab::chickill: