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  1. Zsh

    News New Exo Album

    Im impressed tbh. I was ready for Exo not to have a comeback for the next 4 to 5 years, and here were are a year and a half later, having an Exo comeback with 6 members. This is great! This is the most different Exo line up I have seen. They are pretty consistent with their statement of 'we...
  2. Zsh

    Last Attack on Titan Episode

    I like that the last episode ended on a suspensful note, and im looking forward to season 4 part 2. And btw im team Alliance, but they arent faultless. Yaegerists are extremists imo. I understand Erens POV, but I still dont have the heart to actually agree with his actions. And flock despite...
  3. Zsh

    Alliance vs Yaegerists: Who do you support?

    Which side do you support? Personally I am neutral, though I am leaning towards the alliance, due to the moral dilemma. its hard to support either side completely, because the Alliance arent sure what to do, and Eren is going to another extreme.
  4. Zsh

    Official Post your random thoughts about anime

    Same. The alliance members used to be one of my fave characters. Im just dissapointed in how it all turned out for them, in characterization. Its like the author on purposely dumbed down Hange and Armin, so that Eren could do his rumbling. And Eren is just........ a tragic character overall.
  5. Zsh

    Official Post your random thoughts about anime

    Im not sure about the characters. Both eren and his opponents(alliance) have regressed in their characters, both groups are on the the extreme side of each coin. Eren is a psycho(though understansable due to circumstances), and alliance are weak and idealistic (i understand this too). But it...
  6. Zsh

    Appreciation To celebrate my 100th completed anime on MAL i'm gonna start Haikyu!!

    Same. I might watch it when Manga ends and last chapter comes out. It is ending in April, and im so interested to see what the ending will be. Im conflicted.
  7. Zsh

    What anime sounds like to our parents

    This reminds me of me trying to explain what anime is to my dad today.
  8. Zsh

    Appreciation To celebrate my 100th completed anime on MAL i'm gonna start Haikyu!!

    😂 AOT is a good anime, but I am going to watch it after all the hype goes and I am watching march comes in like a lion. I have heard Haikyu. It sounds really interesting.
  9. Zsh

    Appreciation Has anyone watched 'March comes in like a lion'

    March comes in like a lion, is a wonderful anime. Rei Kiriyama stole my heart from the first episode. This anime showcases a depressed soul turning towards the light of life in such a beautiful way. I could relate to Kiriyama on a spiritual level. His depression, his school experience etc. Its...
  10. Zsh

    My mother has COVID19

    Thank you everybody. For your kind words. @Flocon @blooming @brekker @Hally @Abeamus @Tickita @Panda @lotusflower @Lovely_Cornchips 💕😊 We need to keep the faith.
  11. Zsh

    My mother has COVID19

    It has almost been 1 month since my mom has entered hospital. For most of my life I have seen my mother has suffering from health problems. In 2007 mom was diagnosed with Kidney failure. When my mother heard the news in the doctors office, she fainted. Thankfully in 2009, she was able to...
  12. Zsh

    Official Post your random thoughts about anime

    Why did you lose interest?
  13. Zsh

    Anime I'm planning to watch

    Yes the main chaeacter was a bit of a dissapointment. In the OP's and ending songs, they focused so much on thoriffin that I entered the show with high expectations on thoriffins development etc. But 90% of the time they focused on askelled, who I didnt really like either. But the show is still...
  14. Zsh

    Attack On Titan is making me so sad

    I stopped reading the manga after chp 100. I didnt know that Sasha was going this soon, and all her times with Nicollo etc are flashabcks. 😥
  15. Zsh

    Attack On Titan is making me so sad

    People say that something will happen to sasha in episode 8. But isnt it too soon for her? She is supposed to make friends with nicolo first? Yeah and AOT is amazing The episode yesterday was hands down the best aot episode I watched. I had a combined, fear, excitement and awe, all within one...
  16. Zsh

    Favorite Attack on Titan character? *no spoilers please*

    Why the heck is levi so popular? Especially during season 1 and 2. I will never get it. 😅
  17. Zsh

    Official Post your random thoughts about anime

    For the first 2 seasons i will never understand how Levi got so popular.
  18. Zsh

    Favorite Attack on Titan character? *no spoilers please*

    Hange, Armin amd Erwin. I used to be so pizzled on why levi is so popular, and was so annoyed, bexause he is shoved down everyones throat. But honestly after season 3, I really warmed to him. So Erwin, Hange, Armin and Levi are my top fav characters in this order.
  19. Zsh

    The waiting game has begun [Who will it be this year]

    Wow! People are excited. I have afeeling it will be kpop idols again.
  20. Zsh

    News My thoughts on Ilhoon leaving BTOB

    I feel these are common in a lot of cultures though. Like western cultures. People take alcoholism as a joke sometimes. Though i would argue that there is slightly more awareness on how to deal the problems in the west, but its still a huge thing. Terrible way to end 2020 for ilhoon.