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  1. chris_m

    News I created a German-speaking Discord server for adult (18+) K-pop fans

    Hi everyone :-) I created the server a few months back because all K-pop Discord servers I tried out were English-speaking and/or had a very low average age of the members. Because I’m German and a bit older I decided to create a German-speaking, multifandom server for adult (18+) K-pop fans...
  2. chris_m

    Teaser IZ*ONE - D-D-DANCE (MV Teaser A)

    This single is to promote the new UNIVERSE app. Really looking forward to the full release! @Wiz*one
  3. chris_m

    Teaser UNIVERSE K-Pop Concert 'UNI-KON' (Teaser Video)

    This will be a free online concert on February 14th, 7PM (KST) to promote the new UNIVERSE app. Looks like they put a lot of money into this. Really excited already, the lineup is great :nekolove:
  4. chris_m

    Appreciation 2010 - 2015 girl groups era

    I just wanted to make this thread as an appreciation of the girl groups era that I particularly love and that is the era from approx. 2010 - 2015 :nekolove: I know that this is highly subjective but is anyone else feeling the same? Some things that I love about this era are: 2NE1 had these...
  5. chris_m

    Teaser IZ*ONE - Online Concert: Oneiric Theater (Blu-Ray / Kit Merchandise Preview)

    Both look stunning, I love the pop-out boxes. Can't wait to watch the concert :pandalove: @Wiz*one
  6. chris_m

    MV GFRIEND Yuju - I'm In The Mood For Dancing (True Beauty OST Part 2)

    She has such a lovely voice :-) @Buddy
  7. chris_m

    News MAMAMOO Solar opens personal Instagram account

    Solar opened a personal IG account (name: solarkeem) today. Awesome that they all have one now :pandalove: @Moo Moo
  8. chris_m

    Teaser TWICE - CRY FOR ME (Chaeyoung & Nayeon Concept Photos)

    Still hoping for an MV :sanapray: @Once
  9. chris_m

    Teaser TWICE - CRY FOR ME (Sana & Tzuyu Concept Photos)

    Another set of gorgeous concept photos :sakUwu: @Once
  10. chris_m

    Cover WJSN Dayoung - Santa Tell Me (orig. Ariana Grande)

    Such a beautiful cover :pandalove: @Ujung
  11. chris_m

    Dance Practice IZ*ONE - 'Panorama' Dance Practice

    Great choreography, I love it. @Wiz*one
  12. chris_m

    Are there any trot lovers here?

    Trot is one of my fave genres in K-pop so I was wondering if there are any other trot lovers here on this forum :pandalove: If so, what artists/songs are your favorites? My fave artists are Hong Jin Young and Jo Jung Min. Here are a few of my fave titles: Hong Jin Young - "Love Tonight"...
  13. chris_m

    MV IZ*ONE - Panorama (Performance ver.)

    I always love IZ*ONE performance/choreography videos because they are all so synchronous :nekolove: @Wiz*one
  14. chris_m

    Any concepts you miss in the recent K-pop landscape?

    So I got into K-pop fairly recently (2018) and listened to a lot of different groups since then. I also listened to many older songs and there's one era which I particularly love and this is the era of 2010-2015 girl groups. 2NE1 e. g. has this awesome eletronic, rap-heavy sound (+ beautiful...
  15. chris_m

    Feel free to share your lock screen/home screen(s)

    Curious to see what your lock screen/home screen(s) look like. My lock screen is a still from IZ*ONE's "Panorama" MV (where I did some editing to erase 2 members because parts of them would have been visible at the edges of the wallpaper otherwise 😄). And for my home screens I'm using an...
  16. chris_m

    What are your favorite songs with a quirky concept?

    So basically the title. What are your favorite songs which have a quirky, special or unusual concept? For me, all of Orange Caramel's songs fall into this list as well as EXID's "Are You Hungry" which is so funny and catchy! I'm still so sad that Orange Caramel is no more but luckily WJSN...
  17. chris_m

    How do you protect your K-pop collection?

    I would be interested to know what the collectors among you do to protect their album collection. I personally just make sure that my albums don't get in direct sunlight to avoid fading and I make sure to dust them off regularly. At first I wanted to place my albums into a closed vitrine to keep...
  18. chris_m

    News TWICE - CRY FOR ME (Pre-Release Coming Soon)

    Yay, this is fantastic news!
  19. chris_m

    Performance IZ*ONE - Panorama + Sequence @ One-reeler Premiere (Comeback Show)

    Amazing performances, I always love the IZ*ONE comeback shows. Even 4K quality :nekolove: @Wiz*one
  20. chris_m

    What are your favorite easter eggs hidden in MVs?

    Hi everyone, I really like easter eggs and I'd like to know what easter eggs are hidden in K-pop MVs. E. g. in the Japanese version of TWICE's "TT" there are hidden clues which reference the girl's characters which they portray in the Korean version (e. g. Tzuyu's red drink --> vampire; Mina's...