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  1. SpearB

    who keeps listening to...

    dt: person whos been listening to heart attack(shinee)- You've been listening to that for quite some time, Are you not tired of it? :dubuthink: are you the same person who kept listening to body rhythm-???? Show yourself!:haylul:
  2. SpearB

    what do you think about your current layout?

    I like mine lol:pandatea: wbu? still working on it tho
  3. SpearB

    what's your worst autocorrect incident?

    Not telling mine :pandatea: but whats yours
  4. SpearB

    guess whos back 🤔

    deff not shinee, but me after literal months of being inactive ive finally came back LMAO:haylul: now welcome me back/j:pandacop:
  5. SpearB

    so when i was 15-

    i decided to flush cheesecake down a toilet cause i couldnt finish it and i ended up clogging the toilet i dont think my mom found out :haylul: also keep in mind this was at 1am and i was too much of a *bad word*:pandacop: to go throw it away
  6. SpearB

    what would you rate your spelling on a scale of 1 to 10

    literally 0 i generally thought grammar was grammer for the longest time- :sadcat:
  7. SpearB

    What are your worst misheard song lyrics?

    mine is a little nsfw :wimwim: so ima pass on this one
  8. SpearB

    What is your honest opinion on all the accusations/scandals currently?

    Its getting out of hand of how many accusations/rumors that are happening rn and it doesnt help that jisoo's(actor)scandal was uncovered, tbh at this point might as well delete twt
  9. SpearB

    i can change my user

    I really like my current one but i thought of the literal best user i cant-:pepecry1:
  10. SpearB

    how long are you on social media?

    i would say im active on social media for a few hours anyway wbu?
  11. SpearB

    do you have an comfort items?

    i have this really old blanket it helps a lot for some reason my parents call it the magic blanket it literally heals anything:haylul:
  12. SpearB

    Appreciation Welcome my bestie or ill eat all your food

    welcome them or else:pandacop: @Beomiiiie
  13. SpearB

    What song do you listen to when your sad?

    it doesnt have to be kpop as well! :sanapray:
  14. SpearB

    cat, dog or other

    i like cats. :sanapray:
  15. SpearB

    how long are you usually on ks?

    for me i would say the whole day :wimwim: i may have an addiction
  16. SpearB

    GFX wait omg look at what i made skssk

  17. SpearB

    Do you remember when you were new to ks?

    i do sadly :wimwim: very traumatizing
  18. SpearB

    fav anime?

    attack on titan and death note are mine wbu
  19. SpearB

    Appreciation Bread is yes

    Bread is amazing,Yummy beautiful fluffy never done before :sj_weary:
  20. SpearB

    do you like food

    i like food especially bread :dubuwave: *eats bread*