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  1. mysteric

    Video sm apprentice experience

    the two thai trainees mentioned were rjing and nana, and mika was the jpn one if that helps most apprentices and trainees of their batch should be out of the idol circle, I think xinyu has a big chance of having been signed into a company/joining a show though on top of jungmin who is basically...
  2. mysteric

    News CHN contestants of Girls Planet 999 Spotted

    have high hopes for xu ziyin, she’s a really good vocalist and got accepted into sm jyp and cube but her parents didn’t allow her to sign into any of them; she’s been practising her krn for a while too jaywalk sending cwmx is evil, will be interesting if she meets some fellow ex jyp friends...
  3. mysteric

    News YGNGG to have youngest average debut age of yg ggs

    no clue what this is supposed to mean but ok yg you do you salty that Chloe is out, but I’m interested in Jina, wonder how she’s doing now that she’s basically a lock, anticipating her vocals :sanapray:
  4. mysteric

    pinkblood ????

  5. mysteric

    Group 「Official SMNGG Thread」 ੈ ♡˳·˖✶

    ˗ˏˋSMNGG Threadˎˊ˗ . ❝ about ❞ Thread for SM's current female trainees. _______________________________________________________________________________________ ❝ confirmed trainees❞ . —YUNI— name: kim yuni (김윤이) birthday: 2002 height: 165cm nationality: korean specialty: vocals fun facts: ...
  6. mysteric

    karina covering lee hi’s rose

    they were covering their audition songs at today’s radio it suits her voice, I hope to see her cover more lee hi songs in the future
  7. mysteric

    smng pinkblood ?

    they posted that earlier, and tiktok automatically displays the acc that shares the link and it leads to this account and they just applied for a trademark of it a few days back the logo looks really girl group, but news about smnbg have...
  8. mysteric

    Rumor we are blazing s2

    looking forward to it, the previous seasons had some nice stages when they weren't shoving r1se down viewers' throats
  9. mysteric

    another survival show cancelled...

  10. mysteric

    unstanning ningning 😭

  11. mysteric

    News aespa full album soon

    :ankha: :ankha: :ankha: :ankha: :ankha:
  12. mysteric

    News SM confirms Next Level to be Remake

    @My and I almost got my acc suspended because people were mad :yolk:
  13. mysteric

    Appreciation lelush trending 5 times in a month.... for walking

    he should honestly just start his own mini series of vlogs of various pedestrian streets in the country and have some of his other celebrity friends join... finally rope rikimaru in maybe or get wang xiaochen to fly over from wuhan again :wimwim:
  14. mysteric

    aespa and marvel (??)

    the producers of black mamba posted these :umwhat::umwhat: very confusing
  15. mysteric

    itzy's shoot oddly similar to kxe's call me by my name

    it does somewhat sound familiar tbh, but itzy's searches on weibo are getting filled with this, and the hashtag itzy's new song kong xueer's solo song has been seen 110M times and 52K discussions with it now doesn't help that kxe was ex jyp but she seems fine with itzy and has even covered them...
  16. mysteric

    the ㄷ trend

    can you do it? I can do it fine, but I have weird arms
  17. mysteric

    Teaser aespa next level mv teaser

    @My @Girl Group
  18. mysteric

    keep running: romance of the three kingdoms

    kind of want to watch for zhou ye, but I don't like the vibe of this season
  19. mysteric

    Teaser aespa ep1. Black Mamba' - SM Culture Universe

    @My @Girl Group