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  1. mysteric

    What's the most toxic social media platform?

    does 4chan count lmao douban is hell too in certain circles
  2. mysteric

    If you were an idol...

    I would try to avoid same company because I’d probably treat those relationships as work relationships in general, but idk about the rest it’s harder to get news of dating leaked out if your so isn’t in the ent circle, but I wouldn't try to have serious relationships until the decline of my...
  3. mysteric

    Video sm apprentice experience

    sm really is trying hard with scouting more sea girls in particular, ngg will probably have one
  4. mysteric

    what are your favorite lightsticks

    caratbong 100%
  5. mysteric

    Video sm apprentice experience

    the two thai trainees mentioned were rjing and nana, and mika was the jpn one if that helps most apprentices and trainees of their batch should be out of the idol circle, I think xinyu has a big chance of having been signed into a company/joining a show though on top of jungmin who is basically...
  6. mysteric

    Comment and I'll ask you a question

    I hate ordering so staying in 100% :yolk: