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  1. EvenOfDae

    new aesthetic :sanapray:

    I like this one a lot :sanapray: i worked hard on the gifs-- its more basic than I usually go for but Im really liking it this time :queen: my badges don't match perfectly but its ok i love them
  2. EvenOfDae

    this is my 500th thread, you may congratulate me now

    can you believe i have graced yo all with 500 threads? :ankha: my presence is amazing, i hope you all have enjoyed the rookie of 2020 making the highest quality of threads :queen: I strive to produce the best quality what tree would yo be ok not my best but still great :sanapray...
  3. EvenOfDae

    In which era did you start liking your ult group?

    I knew of GOT7 from debut, but I only really started liking them during Hard Carry, though they were never at the forefront of my mind. like not even in the midsection. they were in the way back- i knew of their existence, I liked some of their titles, but I think I only really started liking...
  4. EvenOfDae

    even if i don't get married

    i will at some point, buy a wedding dress. i just want to have that time where I'm trying on dresses and showing them off and just...picking the perfect dress for me :sanapray: i might not ever wear it, but i might. i just want a wedding dress to have the feel of it- idk if it makes sense lolol
  5. EvenOfDae

    did u play today's google doodle?

    I spent like the entire dday on it cus i didn't know you could warp :nayeonisdone: but i really like it!! it was super cute and i think google doodle outdid themselves this time!! there was a bunch of lore and id like to say i singlehandedly helped the yellow team win but i didnt really lol i...
  6. EvenOfDae

    the most dangerous threat

    wouldnt y'all agree? non one wants a sock thrown at them :sanapray: lololol
  7. EvenOfDae

    what colour do you look best in?

    I think reds and purples look best on me :sanapray: earthy tones are a fave of mine though :sj_weary: I just don't think I look good in neons though
  8. EvenOfDae

    which streamers do you watch?

    I usualy watch 39daph and smallant. Not much other people, but I'll watch clips of Mark Tuan :sanapray: I used to watch Jae a lot too :queen:
  9. EvenOfDae

    do you prefer hard dance or hard vocals?

    I really prefer harder dances cus it's more pleasing to me. Technically hard vocal performances is great too, but I really like the dance a lot better. It's why I actually tend to stand main dancers ig :haylul:
  10. EvenOfDae

    @basurafire stop disrespecting your mother

    my child!! disrespecting his mother!! @Darkseid our child is in a rebellious stage i insist you do something but jk jk basu come back because ur fun even if u call me brittle :nekopout:
  11. EvenOfDae

    the weather is mean

    i was in the middle of showering, and suddenly there's lightning so I quick rinse off and get out without finishing up, and then not 5 minutes later the storm stops the universe is testing me
  12. EvenOfDae

    Video [BBHIND] 'riBBon' promo behind

  13. EvenOfDae

    do you specifically look for new artists or do you just stumblr upon them?

    I just come upon them by chance a lot of the time, usually when I have youtube or Spotify on autoplay. But sometimes I'll listen to a daily/weekly mix from Spotify to see if there are any artists i would be interested in. I think a recent gem for me is zolita, I know @karina has mentioned them...
  14. EvenOfDae

    does anyone play flightrising

    i want friends to trade with :yolk: for those who don't know, flightrising is a dragon raising game. you have two dragons and you breed and feed them and grow your lair. you can get familiars. its a very fun game for those who want something fun but not too life-consuming. there's a premium...
  15. EvenOfDae

    Performance DAY6 (Even of Day) "WE(우린)" LIVE CLIP

  16. EvenOfDae

    what's your hogwarts house?

    im a slytherin according to pottermore but a lot of quizzes give me ravenclaw because I keep saying no to revenge :haylul: