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  1. eudximoniia

    whats up yall

    the sky lol anywayssss Im back for the event but I will be banned again right when the event is over so dont get to attached I will be back on march 22nd offically, if I keep it to that date
  2. eudximoniia

    the end :sanapray:

    I'm officially leaving, i might be back next year... who knows. StayC girls its going down
  3. eudximoniia

    I think my forum time might be over soon

    I went back to AKP and was attacked for what I had done I came back here and I am totally flushed by some things Its boring, the people are becoming rude. But it only seems they are rude to me, as if I did something wrong.
  4. eudximoniia

    comment and I'll give you a song...

    the title
  5. eudximoniia

    Calling out Vikki

    for being such an amazing person :pepeheart::pepeheart: stan Vikki or a little kid shall kick your seat on an airplane
  6. eudximoniia

    Back from Hiatus

    I know I said Wednesday but I'm here now Not mentally here but you get the gist...
  7. eudximoniia

    Sensitive nctzens coming for yoon

    someone on tiktok is spreading a rumor that stayc yoon dated jungwon and she abused him, and sexually harrased him. saying she also, is racist and mocked desi (though she had posted BLM on her insta pre-debut ((now private and deleted her old insta))) Yoon never mocked desi... stayc is...
  8. eudximoniia

    my mom is a cheater

    I was walking home from getting ice cream I walk inside and she is getting down in dirty in the kitchen with a WOMAN ahahahahahahaahaha, and she just left with her talking about a hotel great
  9. eudximoniia

    expanding the length of my hiatus

    until Wednesday its practically semi-hiatus though... I will interact with friend through PM's but not through threads... Maybe post in some threads or update things about StayC and news. But I'm not interacting with certain users, many users at that
  10. eudximoniia

    hiatus -----

    Im taking a hiatus until Monday I am so disappointed at myself right now
  11. eudximoniia

    what should be my next username:

    you guys obvi dont know what this one means so i should change it.. i was obvi going to already change it every 60 days but yknow lol ANYTHING goes!!!
  12. eudximoniia

    bias challenge: yves being... yves

  13. eudximoniia

    website on crack

    lying so bad rn...
  14. eudximoniia

    audbile sigh

    i have 4 missing assignments in chorus class, one of them is a vocal and rhythm test (i have to sing for her) i may just sit there and not talk, get in trouble and leave i hate her
  15. eudximoniia


    (!! I have a driver's permit close enough !!) So today me and my friend were driving around going into shops and buying clothes and shit like that yknow and we decide to fuel our hunger with arby's. so we drive to the arby's and there is this lady outside of her car by the sign, not ordering...
  16. eudximoniia

    We appreciate you! <3

    I hope this is aloud since its tagging several users... But thank you @Moderator @Administrator for all the hard for you do! Thank you @Cards Team for giving us a fun and fair card game! Thank you @Awards for giving us pretty badges and all the other stuff you do! Thank you @Events for giving...
  17. eudximoniia

    Comment and I'll give you a nickname that i will call you forever <3

    AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH now comment and then i will give nickname to you
  18. eudximoniia

    Happy 1000 Posts

    Im at like 1137 right now (of the month)... but still! Im so glad to be here with you great amazing people!
  19. eudximoniia

    Searching I need these cards <3

    Hyelim is the last card of the wonder girls set I need so hand it over <3 going to attempt to get gidle rares too without having any rares atm give <3 @gayzone @Xeulgi
  20. eudximoniia

    what will/are you major in?

    I want to major in finance and economics orrrrr if i fail at that Journalism broadcasting... stuff like that orrrrr i could do all of that and later in life (if im not dead) when I cant do stockbroking or whatever I end up doing... become a meteorologist for the news