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  1. _WinterStorm

    To my fellow moderators:

    I haven't been a mod for very long but I wanted to make a special thread for my team. I love you guys all so much :nekolove: Firstly I wanted to talk about @Panda. She's adapted so quickly, always quick on her feet. She's so funny too, I feel so comfortable joking with you. You are so strong...
  2. _WinterStorm

    MV Challenge: Dinner Party

    Around 2:05 and onwards
  3. _WinterStorm

    I redid my picks for gp999

    I did two versions: my picks vs final lineup predictions My picks: Final lineup perdictions based on trends and current rankings: Bahiyyih and Yaning are in tricky spots, Chaehyun or Youngeun might be in Bahiyyih's spot and Ruiqi in Yaning's spot.
  4. _WinterStorm

    Do you share a birthday with an idol?

    I share a birthday with BTS's Jin, different years though
  5. _WinterStorm

    First impressions?

    Following the trend cause why not? Thanks to @sally @soobworld and @Navinci for the idea (and anyone else who's threads I may have missed).
  6. _WinterStorm

    MV Challenge: Umbrella

    Timestamp: 1:29
  7. _WinterStorm

    Found I finally got the card I’ve been dying for

    I finally got Hanse!!!!! He’s finally mine 😭
  8. _WinterStorm

    High or deep singing voices?

    When you sing do you have a lower/deeper register or higher? For me it depends on the genre, rock I can go deep easily, but for pop songs I go higher usually
  9. _WinterStorm

    I realized something

    So in Canada, we have a rule where radio stations have to play 30% Canadian content. So that means that a lot of the hits here were not hits globally. So I'm curious, do you guys know any of these songs I grew up on?
  10. _WinterStorm

    MV Challenge: board game

    Chess counts, right? 0.08 seconds
  11. _WinterStorm

    What's the hardest class you are taking/have ever taken?

    What's the hardest class you are taking/have ever taken? High school: math College (social work): legislation College (early learning): ethics and legislation
  12. _WinterStorm

    What are your most "on repeat" songs on spotify

    Here's mine:
  13. _WinterStorm

    Do you use dark or light mode?

    I always use dark mode Does it change based on aesthetics or is it a permanent choice? And are some apps light mode and others dark?
  14. _WinterStorm

    What's the weirdest thing people have assumed about you?

    I remember people used to say I was scary :lisalaugh:
  15. _WinterStorm

    MV Challenge: Parking Garage

  16. _WinterStorm

    This GP999 Dance Practice is something else

    This dance practice is hilarious 😂 the other teams had cute elegant costumes and then theres snake team. Like I thought Ruiqi in a chicken costume was funny but then I see Yaning being a whole ladybug. MNet did her dirty by putting her in such a bulky costume but she owned it!
  17. _WinterStorm

    Appreciation This deserves so much more love!

    @jjyubi isn't he beautiful aghhhh :pikahappy:
  18. _WinterStorm

    Do you decorate for holidays?

    We just decorated for Halloween tonight (a little later than usual cause of work schedules). Do you guys decorate for any holidays?
  19. _WinterStorm

    TV My Current Watchlist

    Squid Game (just finished) Alice In Borderland (just starting) Sweet Home Crash Landing On You Hotel Del Luna
  20. _WinterStorm

    What's the hardest kpop dance you've tried to do?

    Either Aespa's Black Mamba or SHINee's Lucifer. I overestimated myself for sure!