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  1. Kaishua

    To whomever is listening to MCR's Black Parade song...

    I never liked MCR and WTTBP and Teenagers were the only songs I could tolerate, but props for playing one of them. lol what was the purpose of this thread, anyway? idk... maybe morning me will have an answer. :lisalaugh:
  2. Kaishua

    Video Inside Seventeen - MTV We Speak the Music Behind

  3. Kaishua

    My actual voice

    Transcript (just in case anybody can't understand what I'm saying lol): Hi, this is- *clears throat* Hi, this is Kaishua, and here’s my voice! I had to record this so many times because I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, but I hope this one is the charm. Um… yeah, so that’s my voice...
  4. Kaishua

    Appreciation Park Jihoon looking like something straight out of an anime

    @Treasure Maker Right down to the pointy chin!
  5. Kaishua

    Found Finished Heize!

    After eight long months, I've finally collected them all! Thanks to: @LoveYooShaSha for 1, the Cards Team for 2, @Yachii for 3 & 4, and @songeuna for 5!
  6. Kaishua

    Video Fromis_9 [FM_1.24] 불후의 명곡 비하인드

  7. Kaishua

    What do you think my voice sounds like?

    I can't wait to hear your guesses! :susPepe:
  8. Kaishua

    I just had a linguistic brain fart

    Okay, so I'm running on like two hours of sleep, and I just had to ask myself how to spell "maintenance". lol It's a word I usually know how to spell like the back of my hand, but not this time! Tell me about y'all's recent brain farts. I'd love to hear them!
  9. Kaishua

    What have you been up to lately?

    I've decided to start writing my autobiography! I'm still on my toddler years bc there was so much that had happened by that time - my CHARGE syndrome diagnosis, early intervention and special ed preschool, eye and ear problems, speech and growth delays, etc. But anyway, what about y'all?
  10. Kaishua

    Fanfiction Take My Hand | 5SOS Ashton

    reserved for character profiles, see below for first chapter
  11. Kaishua

    My review of Ateez's Movement album

    Sector 1 - This song gives me major 2017 Monsta X vibes, and I found myself dancing in my chair to the beat. Cyberpunk - Hongjoong's run on "Tell me, where do we go?" gave me goosebumps all over; the best track on here so far! Guerilla - I really like this song, despite me deciding I didn't...
  12. Kaishua

    Video Aespa - Girls in NYC

    @My not Winter humming while she works lol that's me, too!
  13. Kaishua

    Video Shownuayo Ep. 14

  14. Kaishua

    How can my latest thread be #1 trending when-

    @Erigomlove and I were literally the only ones posting in it??? lol that's crazy! (thanks for clicking it, though lol)
  15. Kaishua

    To those who have gradients as their sig text color

    how did you do it? I've had to resort to making gradients in Photoshop, and I'm getting kinda sick of having to do that.
  16. Kaishua

    Do you like to eat breakfast for dinner sometimes?

    I do! I just had some pancakes and a couple of strawberries for dinner tonight.
  17. Kaishua

    What relationship does your bias have with your bias wrecker?

    Kai and Yeonjun are basically brothers from other mothers, total friendship goals.
  18. Kaishua

    Found Finished Weki Meki!

    I'm getting sooooooo close to forty sets, too - just three more to go after having completed this one! Thank you to: @Panda for Suyeon, @Yachii for Elly & Doyeon, the Cards Team for Yoojung & Sei, @Soogi for Lua, @Hakunama_Tata for Rina, and @izcream for Lucy! (can one of his friends let him...
  19. Kaishua

    Do you have a nighttime routine?

    I'm trying to establish one so I can sleep better at night. So if you have a nighttime routine, what is it?