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  1. SapphireBlueSea

    Guests, join us!

    it will be more fun ;) :sanapray:
  2. SapphireBlueSea

    Tell me your mood right now and...

  3. SapphireBlueSea

    [POLL] KS users ages (non-official)

    i'm in 18-25 i always tho there's more teens
  4. SapphireBlueSea

    Photo kodoku's thread (face reveal & chit-chat)

    you're so pretty 😍😍
  5. SapphireBlueSea

    What are you known for?

    idk i'm not known probably suju stan
  6. SapphireBlueSea


    sad : often happy : more often angry : rarely frustrated : not alot resentful : in a few cases torn : rarely
  7. SapphireBlueSea

    What's your longest friendship?

    yeah i'm thankfull i have her all the friends that i had it come one day that we lost contact and go our sprate way :(
  8. SapphireBlueSea

    What's your longest friendship?

    it's been almost 20years now she's my childhood friend
  9. SapphireBlueSea

    what is your relationship like with your parents???

    my mom she's like my friend i tell her everything (tho she nag all the time and sure we fight sometimes lol) but most of the time i feel sorry and sad for her . she never thougt of herself always put us first and sacrifice alot for us i wish i could do more for her my dad is another story im...
  10. SapphireBlueSea

    Appreciation Tell me in 5 words why you love your ult group

    Super junior : discography-harmony-humbles-talented-crazy
  11. SapphireBlueSea

    Appreciation Come introduce your bias to me!

    i choose donghae from suju he's talnted (sing , dance , write , compose , act.. ) he loved by all the members and he was the only one who can yell at heechul when he used to have a bad temper donghae is such a baby and dump he always forgot his things or pass word he also knowing as fake...
  12. SapphireBlueSea

    Appreciation Koala’s 1000th post celebration.

    congrats :llama_cheer:
  13. SapphireBlueSea

    The Cute Classy Corny Couple's Commemorative Collaborative Bday Celebration

    Happy birthday @Joy , @Minuteman 👩‍❤️‍👨 may both of you celebrate the day at fullest 🎉 :pandalove:
  14. SapphireBlueSea

    Appreciation Favorite hairstyles of your bias

    i like ryeowook hairstyle in no other mv and i like all their hairstye here
  15. SapphireBlueSea

    Do you match your signature and dp?

    no rn i don't even have a signature 🙈
  16. SapphireBlueSea

    Send me songs from 2019

  17. SapphireBlueSea

    MV Kim Heechul (Super Junior) - 옛날사람 (Old Movie)

    Heechul vocal :pandaamazed: this song is so beautiful and shindong did great job directing this MV also donghae who composed i'm so proud of them shindong making clue in heechul mv and d&e mv for their next comeback
  18. SapphireBlueSea

    If you could choose.....

    a bird it will be so cool or an angel