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  1. Darth_Lixo

    Appreciation Miyeon being an innocent cutie

    She really be asking to go to the washroom in her own vlive. I'm dead :haylul: And let's not gloss over her goddess-like visuals in the clip too :sakUwu:
  2. Darth_Lixo

    Appreciation Bias wrecked by my bias

    I've finally found some time to listen to the Twice b-sides. I was getting wrecked by the English rap from Mina, Chaeng, and Nayeon, but then Jihyo came in with her deep voice English rap and slayed me. :sj_weary: And she does the high backing vocal for this part too which I found amusing...
  3. Darth_Lixo

    Appreciation Miyeon and Shuhua being natural beauties

    I love this casual hairstyle on Miyeon
  4. Darth_Lixo

    Discussion Not all is bad with the protests

    In the midst of the craziness. It's nice to see the world come together to support the protesters against the police and the Trump administration. Some of the threads can be wholesome which is a breath of fresh air.
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    Discussion Trump is really deploying troops in Washington right now "We're going to clamp down very, very strong," Trump said. "The word is dominate. If you don't dominate your city and your state, they're gonna walk away with you. And we're doing it in Washington, in DC, we're going to do...
  6. Darth_Lixo

    Performance Twice - More & More Live!

    It's out :sj_weary: The choreo really goes hard right from the start. There were some sick formations. The camera angles during the dance break could've been better though.
  7. Darth_Lixo

    Appreciation Nine Muses Sera Ryu's Twice More & More Reaction

    She's a real once. She posted so fast lol. :haylul:
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    Discussion Dumb Plandemic Anti-Vaxxers Rant

    I know I am late to this. And twice's cb is about to drop. But I'm angry after just finding out about plandemic and how much support it has gained. I've really just lost hope in humanity with this. I know people are vunerable with the covid situation. But this movement is scary, and sooo...
  9. Darth_Lixo

    Performance Cignature - ASSA - First Music Show Stage

    Once again these rookies are showing their ability to embrace live vocals :sj_weary::sj_weary::sj_weary: @RainbowDevil @Ozymandias
  10. Darth_Lixo

    Discussion AnotherKpopTrash's Top 5 Girl Group songs (First Quarter of 2020)

    Amidst all the Covid craziness, we still had some amazing comebacks this year. Here's my list for the top 5 GG songs of the first three months of 2020. :pandasmash: 1. ITZY - Wannabe This seems fated to become an iconic song. The rap, the chorus, and the arrangement are all on point. And...
  11. Darth_Lixo

    Discussion Idols Doing Ryujin's Iconic Shoulder Dance Video

    I just wanted to share this video of kidols trying out that ITZY shoulder dance. There's a lot of cute and funny moments. This must be a really hard dance because no one really nails it :nakypog:
  12. Darth_Lixo

    Performance I have a Loona bias...

    There are so many great members in Loona. This era, Heejin and Yves really caught my attention. But after watching this fancam of her covering Full Moon by Sunmi, Heejin is now securely number one. :sj_weary: She just has this aura on stage that attracts all my attention to her. She has an...
  13. Darth_Lixo

    Performance TIL T-ara released a single that was a cover of a viral Chinese meme song and performed on music shows too

    I remember this song was big in China back in 2014. It's hilarious. :haylul: Here's T-ara's cover of it. There's an MV too This was such a weird discovery for me. I had no one T-ara did something like this. It's like two worlds coming together. :hayshook: Edit: Apparently, this is the...
  14. Darth_Lixo

    Performance Mina is back!

    Feel special is being performed as OT9 for the first time. :maheart: :maheart: :maheart: If only the JYP official account posted a better quality video :wimwim::wimwim::wimwim:
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    Discussion NBA shot chart quiz Here's a fun quiz for NBA fans. I thought it was a pretty novel idea. @itzybitzyblink @perhapz
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    Discussion Totally not biased critic's top 100 Kpop Girl Group/Female Soloist title tracks of all time

    A totally not late followup to fellow Sixniners @Hayabusa @Baechu lists. Check them out here. The third and totally not biased sixnine member is here to present to you with my top 100 female soloists/girl group titles of all time. Any bias is purely your imagination. :wimwim: The list does...
  17. Darth_Lixo

    Performance What did Twice just do?

    So twice actually just killed me. What in in the...who? I'm dead fr. See you in the next life everyone :dubuwave: Can we have this stylist all the time? and this makeup artist too. Nayeon and Chaeng are killing me. :nakypog: This mashup blew my mind. They really mashed these...
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    Performance Twice Owns Halloween

    I wasn't sure if they could top last year's costumes but they certainly did it And Mina attended :maheart::maheart::maheart:
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    Performance Dubu is blue...

    She's blue du-bu di du-bu die credit to @Ozymandias for showing me these
  20. Darth_Lixo

    Discussion Your favorite KPOP dongsaeng

    Which KPop idol do you look at purely as like a little brother or sister? My answer: