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  1. heyiamariella

    Well...he is a cutie <3

    Well...he is a cutie <3
  2. heyiamariella

    News TRCNG Members File Child Abuse Complaints Against TS far are they going to go to lie? Do you think these kids would make such things up???
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    News TRCNG Members File Child Abuse Complaints Against TS

    Nice. Just when you thought they learned their lesson with BAP. NOPE. The freaking horror these teens go through :( I hope they win...PLEASE. Also someone shut down this entertainment and transfer these trainees, boys and also Sonamoo somewhere else. :pandaannoyed:
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    Teaser WJSN- As You Wish (MV Teaser)

    I'm excited for this as so far I really like their title track.
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    Discussion Would you support your favorite no matter what?

    It depends on the what did they do? Honestly...
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    Official Post Your Random Thoughts

    AB6IX is only a few months old...they don't your negativity. It's sad to see y'all so threatened by them that you need to hate them so much.
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    Discussion No serious discussions about disbanding Iz*One and X1

    I'm freaking scared for X1....I don't know what will happen to them....the future seems so grey now...:umjicry:
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    News X1 Has Never Been Paid

    I'm not surprised though...I thin this is the "Break-Even" thing again, no? I hope their next comeback will bring them incomes.
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    Discussion X1 And izone fans...

    I'm not dropping X1 for anything...This isn't their fault that they are rigged. I'm more disappointed than their company than anything. I'm also disappointed in the PD for agreeing. How can they do that to these boys with dreams! They look so fragile these days, that it hurts me. The looks in...
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    News BTS Jungkook gets into car accident - EVERYONE IS OKAY

    At least evreyone alright...I just hope it's a mistake.
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    News Breaking: Wonho Leaves MONSTA X

    First B.I and now Wonho...sorry but that hoe Han Seo Hee deserves to be dragged and beat up by fan girls.
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    Discussion If There Is Anything You Wanna Get Off Your Mind...

    Sometimes I questioned life...Like why do we have to SLAVE away for money, or why you learn useless stuff in High school....YOU DON'T NEED that in life....Why can't you chose your own class? Why can't we learn useful stuff for life outside of high school? Why do we all have to die? Why can't we...
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    Official Post Your Random Thoughts

    People are nuts for selling a Donghyun photocard on Ebay for $23 Canadian....I can get that Donghyun Photocard on Facebook group for max $15 Canadian and it will ship faster!
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    Discussion an idol who you have a soft spot for?

    Even though I'm Donghyun & Youngmin bias but I have a soft side for Daehwi, Woong and Woojin lol. My bias in X1 are Eunsang, Yohan & wooseok but I have a soft side for Hyeongjun.
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    Discussion October Brand Reputation Rankings for Idol Groups

    BTS is #1 & AB6IX is #23 :pandaamazed: