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  1. gayzone

    Discussion is there any kpop idol you just can't connect with or like for no good reason?

    the first group that comes to my mind is loona. don't get me wrong, i don't hate them nor do i think that they are untalented. idk something in me just can't connect with them somehow.
  2. gayzone

    Discussion light mode or dark mode?

    dark mode ftw :joysip:
  3. gayzone

    News palm reader’s past predictions of kim woojin is giving everyone chills

    Original Article from Koreaboo In light of the allegations brought forth against Kim Woojin, a palm reader’s past predictions about the singer are giving everyone chills for how well those predictions align with the current situation surrounding him. YouTuber Tony Leggett used “a combination...
  4. gayzone

    Discussion yg and jyp to debut a new duo

    rumor has it that yg and 10x ent, will be debuting a duo composed of lee seunghyun and kim woojin with their debut song titled "prison"
  5. gayzone

    Discussion lets talk :>

    jnjsnx i was drinking mocha frappe and realised that cocoa contained poop
  6. gayzone

    Discussion would appreciate it if you could help me out with cix's final voting :")

    hello :pikahappy: please vote for the badges here!
  7. gayzone

    Discussion first impression of me?

    i hope i dont intimidate yall here
  8. gayzone

    Discussion help me out with cix's preliminary voting juiceseyo <3 thanks in advance
  9. gayzone

    Thoughts gayzone's emotes thread

    cat emotes kpop pikachu
  10. gayzone

    Discussion @ex staff members, which team were you from?

    @Jimin @mysteric 👀
  11. gayzone

    Results cix badge thread

    welcome to cix's badge thread ! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ R U L E S 💌 badges must be 77 x 77 💌 official photos only 💌 selfies are only allowed if they are from official accounts 💌 post your sources 💌...
  12. gayzone

    Discussion what songs do you listen to when you're sad?

    i need some songs to add to my emo hours playlist
  13. gayzone

    Discussion why did you marry your kps spouse?

    do yall actually like each other or are yall just close friends? :pepesmug:
  14. gayzone

    Discussion type congratulations with your eyes closed

  15. gayzone

    Discussion lets talk 3.0

    henlo :pandatea:
  16. gayzone

    Discussion comment your recently used emojis and i'll make assumptions about you

    heres mine : feel free to make assumptions of me if you want :pandatea:
  17. gayzone

    Discussion lets talk 2.0