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  1. gayzone

    Discussion Who is the most creative person here?

    definitely not me :wonugl:
  2. gayzone

    Official 📌〚TAGLIST〛Taggable Fandom Groups 📌

    can i be added to the following taglists? x1 ( one-it ) wanna one ( wannable ) iz*one ( wiz*one ) stray kids ( stay ) itzy ( midzy ) wayv/nct thanks in advance! :pepeheart:
  3. gayzone

    Discussion anticipate...

    what kind of cover are you doing though? a dance cover?
  4. gayzone

    Game Name a song by the group/soloist above you

    time of sorrow nuest
  5. gayzone

    Game This or That...?

    digital clocks never fails me nct 127 or nct dream?
  6. gayzone

    Game ⋆Who is your bias in the group above you?⋆

    hoshi! nct
  7. gayzone

    Game The Last Comment Wins

    stan iz*one :sanapray:
  8. gayzone

    Game The Last Comment Wins

    no :ilovebread:
  9. gayzone

    Discussion A total of how many groups do you stan?

    8 :wimwim:
  10. gayzone

    Discussion what’s your favorite kpop company ?

    konnect / sm
  11. gayzone

    Discussion I got my first gif badge

    congrats :pepeheart:
  12. gayzone

    Appreciation I'M BACK!!!

    not @ me only realising that you and jakey_yoda were the same person now :jisoosmh:
  13. gayzone

    Discussion Your idea about being gay?

    i support the lgbt community but i don't see myself becoming one of them :pepeheart:
  14. gayzone

    Discussion Add me on discord!

    i don't have my phone rn so i can't add you but here's my discord tag if you want it
  15. gayzone

    Discussion Who/what comforts you the most?

    iz*one , bed and my pet dog :wimwim:
  16. gayzone

    Discussion What is one thing you don't understand about yourself?

    my existence :pandatea:
  17. gayzone

    Game Name a song with the last letter of the previous song

    more and more
  18. gayzone

    Discussion How tall are you?

    i know right?? i don't get why some people still use light mode. dark mode >>>>>> :wimwim:
  19. gayzone

    Discussion How tall are you?

    good try, but it wasn't funny though here's a star for you :)
  20. gayzone

    Discussion Tea or coffee?

    yea, coffee's like water to me :lisalaugh: