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  1. LiviaRaine

    Discussion I'll rank your kpop bby's art skillz

    i won't go off their technical skill but their creativity. Give me heechul riding a helicopter, give me a palm tree doing the macarena. Scale of 1-10, and it includes a meme. All for the low price of post the picture of the art and tell me the idol's name.
  2. LiviaRaine

    Discussion How often do you drink water?

    I don't that often, though I should. It's always been a bad habit of mine. I get all my water intake from fruits and tea and juice, but I don't drink water straight that much. In summer I drink more, cus I like water with ice, but in fall-spring it's too cold for that so i suffer.
  3. LiviaRaine

    Discussion How loud do you sneeze

    My sneeze sound ranges from really fricking loud to oh god a mandrake is quieter. I sneezed just now and it sounded like i just screamed and my roommate was like..."are you okay" Idky i sneeze so loud; but it hurts my throat more often than not. how loud do you sneeze?
  4. LiviaRaine

    Fanart GIve me a flower and I'll base a character around it

    I'm trying to write a children's book based on flowers but i need character ideas lol. Give me a flower and I'll base a character on it If you make me draw the monkey face flower imma throw hands :chickill: and to those why posted in the "ill sketch ur faves with pencil" i'm doing yours...
  5. LiviaRaine

    Found [Card] LOONA's Yeojin - For Trade

    I don't stan LOONA, though maybe my skin will be clear if I do. I'm looking for BTS, DAY6, Sehun or Lay, Soyeon, Hyuna, Eunbi (izone), Monsta X, NCT (especially Doyoung), Red Velvet, Seventeen, Lee Know, Sunmi, and SuperM very broad i think i also take hot people, if they're hot i like it...
  6. LiviaRaine

    Discussion how do you eat your food?

    I eat one section at a time. So for lunh i had bok choy, rice, and a potato beef fried mix thing. I ate the potato beef thing first, then the rice, and now the bok choy. do you eat your food in sections or do you mix it all up?? Idk if this is a thing lol
  7. LiviaRaine

    Discussion I'm no longer a supermultistan of K-pop

    I still like kpop, don't get me wrong but i'm starting to drop a lot of groups i like and such. It's getting so much for me to keep track of, and i always feel like i have to be so so so hyped for it when i just am not. Now I think i'm only a serious I GOT7, with some remaining interest in...
  8. LiviaRaine

    Comeback GOT7 Comeback "Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해)" M/V

    a bop! not what i expected, i do like others more, but a bop!!!
  9. LiviaRaine

    Discussion Has anyone played Harvest Moon: Animal Parade

    The only think I have left to do is get a kid to continue to a new game; but I still love it. It took me forever to finish the last bell, it was really time consuming, but that was probably because I only focused on my love interest instead of other villagers as well. :wimwim: it's my favorite...
  10. LiviaRaine

    Discussion Give me a word, I'll give you a got7 song

    As the resident ahgase, it is my job to spread the got7 love comment a word, i'll give you a got7 song that gives me that word's vibes :wimwim:
  11. LiviaRaine

    Discussion Your favorite pie flavor?

    Pecan is my favorite, pecan pie >>>>>> Pumpkin and blackberry is also up there, they're delicious. What's your favorite? If you don't like pie, why?
  12. LiviaRaine

    Discussion Why the Chicken Dance is the best dance

    I dont wanna be a chicken i don't wanna be a duck so i shake my butt? inspiring lyrics. all musicians should take note. Dance moves? So easy, and yet everyone knows them. The ddududdudu of the music world. The chicken dance is superior, everyone should set aside 5 minutes of their day to...
  13. LiviaRaine

    Discussion Is anyone else hyped for got7 comeback

    I really really am pumped the teasers look phenomenalllll Yugyeoms is my favorite My son always slaws :sanapray: and the teaser!!! I hope the title track will have some piano, i'd like to see that in a got7 title track. I'm very pumped for the pre-release!!!! I really think the song...
  14. LiviaRaine

    Discussion What do you do when you want to fall asleep

    Sometimes I'll watch only this one specific chiropractor video or I'll watch that scene in Toy Story 2(3?) where Woody gets fixed up the the old man who plays chess with himself or I watch no speaking makeup videos. The above three can put me to sleep so easily. Once I was watching a makeup...
  15. LiviaRaine

    Discussion what if i am a crazy hamster lady

    I want all the hamsters. My friend asked me recently if i was the president what animal would i have in the white house and i deadass said one hamster in each room. :wimwim: they're so cute and if my hamster is hungry he;ll look at me with a forlorn look until i feed him and i love him and...
  16. LiviaRaine

    Rumor Im getting married on November 23

    to my loves Mark and Jinyoung SERIOUSLY tho their teasers :sj_weary: im ready to get hitched
  17. LiviaRaine

    Discussion im such an idiot

    jfc i was playing with a clothespin, so i had my finger in it and i opened and closed it with my mouth. it didn't hurt but then it slipped out of my teeth and just straight up clamped shut on my finger and it hurt like hell why am i literally a 6 year old all dangerous items should be kept...
  18. LiviaRaine

    Discussion to all my artists out there

    do you ever just write ontop of your old drawings? I have this watercolor which is messed up beyond repair, so i write important notes and reminders on it. I had a friend come over and i was showing off my purple pen, so i was like "here you can try it on the back of this i messed up," and he...
  19. LiviaRaine

    Discussion I rank GOT7 Dance ability

    because there's no video that explains it and it's kinda a weird ranking that doesn't make sense.. also it was originally for a friend Im not a professional, only took dance for like 5 years, 2-3 when i was like ten, and never in any of the styles got7 works in. My dancer friend was a...
  20. LiviaRaine

    Discussion imagine a life where

    your knee-caps didn't shift whenever you did stuff and you wouldn't have to push it back into place :nayeonisdone: