18+ ish

  1. raymondchouku

    Drinking 18+

    What was the first alcohol beverage (i.e. Beer, Vodka, Wine) that you drank? And what age were you? The first alcoholic beverage I consumed in its entirety was a screwdriver (Vodka+Orange Juice) and I was around 12. 15 year old friend plus a 15 year old friend that invites you to a party will...
  2. marublade

    Am I projecting my own personality onto Kun? [18+ ish, but not really]

    If you haven't seen my thread about Kun https://www.kpopsource.com/threads/who-is-kinkier-kun-or-taeyong-18.7969/ Maybe I am projecting myself onto him? I have been described by many as a mother bear, especially towards friends who are younger than me... I also don't mind people teasing me and...