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1st win

  1. la_mort_pour_vous

    News LOONA's First Win On MCountdown.

  2. GloriousHavoc

    News The Boyz 1st win!

    They just got their first win on The Show!
  3. WhiteWadeWilson

    Discussion 1st win this week in Music Shows?

    Who is gonna get their 1st win? Or it will be MX and ITZY week again??? I hope my girls will get their 1st win but its so TOUGH though chartwise (Nflying and Ha Sung Woon), physical wise (MX), even digital with ITZY lol This is for the tomorrow 1st music show this week, THE SHOW (well no ITZY...
  4. notthatmarko

    TV Hwasa single-handedly beat new "sajaegi king" Woody and ITZY on today's MBC Show! Music Core

    Queen got her 1st solo win with queen behaviour! :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen: :queen:
  5. notthatmarko

    Appreciation I might be obsessed with ASTRO

    I mean, their new album is amazing, the growth is evident and Sanha became a god-damn namja. Stream All Night.