1. LeeHoseok

    News Rain to debut boy group packed with former survival show trainees (Under19, YG Treasure Box, PDX101, No.Mercy)

    CHOI SEOKWON FINALLY DEBUTING!!!! :pikahappy: Group includes: 1THE9 Sungwon Produce X 101 Moon Hyunbin YG Treasure Box Keita and Dohwan No.Mercy Seokwon @Boy Group @Wonderland
  2. Saythename17

    MV 1THE9 'Count' MV

    Their last music release before disbandment :pandasad:
  3. Yili

    Group [OFFICIAL] WEi Thread

    OFFICIAL WEI THREAD WEi Official Sites: Facebook: WEi Instagram: wei_official Twitter: WEi_Official Youtube: WEi Fancafe: WEi Vlive: WEi Credit: kprofiles Font: Russo One