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24 hours

  1. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Gashina - R7 Sunmi Tournament

    24 Hours has so far only been able to get a single win in the tournament and now it faces off against Gashina which has won four of its matches, will 24 Hours get another win against Gashina or will it end up losing another match? Other Round 7 Matches Heroine vs Lalalay Pporappippam vs Tail...
  2. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Pporappippam - R6 Sunmi Tournament

    24 Hours received another loss in its previous match and is now unfortunately for it going up against the song that has yet to receive a loss in Pporappippam, will 24 Hours be able to give Pporappippam the first loss to its name or will it suffer another loss in this match? Other Round 6...
  3. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Siren - R5 Sunmi Tournament

    24 Hours and Siren both had unfortunate luck in their last round matches as they each received a loss but which song will be able to add another win to its name in this round? Other Round 5 Matches Gashina vs Tail Lalalay vs Pporappippam Full Moon vs Heroine
  4. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Heroine - R4 Sunmi Tournament

    24 Hours lost in its previous match while its opponent Heroine was on the winning side of things, will Heroine still be able to get a win in this round or will it suffer a loss to 24 Hours? Other Round 4 Matches Full Moon vs Pporappippam Lalalay vs Tail Gashina vs Siren
  5. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Full Moon - R3 Sunmi Tournamment

    24 Hours and Full Moon both ended up losing their matches in the last round so which one of these songs will be able to get another win on their name during their match this round? Other Round 3 Matches Gashina vs Lalalay Pporappippam vs Siren Heroine vs Tail
  6. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Lalalay - R2 Sunmi Tournament

    24 Hours was able to get a win in its first match while its opponent Lalalay ended up getting a loss in its first match, will 24 Hours be getting another win in this round or will Lalalay be able to get a win of its own? Other Round 2 Matches Heroine vs Siren Gashina vs Pporappippam Full Moon...
  7. Abeamus

    Tourney 24 Hours vs Tail - R1 Sunmi Tournament

    The first match of the tournament has Sunmis debut song 24 hours going up against her latest comeback in Tail, will Sunmis debut song be able to hold up against her newest release or will Tail prove 24 Hours is a thing of the past? Other Round 1 Matches Lalalay vs Siren Heroine vs Pporappippam...
  8. kuro

    this theme is BLINDING me

    ooooooooof my EYES I can't do it
  9. maruberry

    18+ 1 idol, 24 hours, they are down to do ANYTHING you want, but... [18+]

    ...But it has to be something 18+. No going out for a coffee (Unless something follows later) no just going to the zoo, no just talking. Basically you can have sex with them any way you want. You can have any idol, they are totally into whatever you want to do and will love it! Who do you...