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  1. Panda


    LOOK AT THEMMMM: Thank you to: @lexus for Mark and Youngjae @Vikki for JB @Lovely_Cornchips for Jackson @Xeulgi for Jinyoung @catqirljooe for Bambam @Yili for Yugyeom :pandalove: :pandalove: :pandalove:
  2. Soleski

    Itzy released a good album

    I really enjoyed Wannabe and yesterday I finally had the time to check out their other songs 1. That's a no no My favorite favorite from the album, the chorus is really catchy, I love it. 2. Ting ting ting 3. Nobody like you I like the instrumental since the teaser. Such a good song...
  3. Soleski

    Cover Itzy Lia - Price tag

    YES my girl :maheart: :maheart: :maheart: I would really like to hear more covers from her