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  1. Yerichu

    Found Completed 3RACHA

    I've finally completed 3RACHA!!! Special Thanks to Cards Team (For CB97) & @LoveYooShaSha (for SPEARB & J.ONE)
  2. RockyGoose

    kpop songs that Shrek enjoys listening to

    I can only think of two songs, because Shrek 2 is a good movie.
  3. shinku


    I never thought I would have completed this set but it happened thank you so much to everyone who helped me complete my favorite sub-unit @Magician for My Husband @LoveYooShaSha for Changbin @Abeamus for Jisung
  4. chvnle

    Stray Kids Comeback Thread [I Am YOU] 10.22.18

    Welcome, STAYS! The boys are coming back with a bang and it's coming sooner than we expected. Since their hit "My Pace", the fandom has grown and we've all been anticipating a new comeback. Well, I'm happy to say that they are finally back an I am expecting a lot. General Information: [ The...
  5. Yili

    Group [OFFICIAL] 🏃 We're On That Runner's High 🏃 - 🐓 Stray Kids 3RACHA Thread 🐓

    DISCOGRAPHY Soundcloud Credits