1. marublade

    NCTzens are snitches

    We snitched on Jeno to Doyoung for taking off his shirt!
  2. marublade

    Performance Hello Kai solo and abs

    not gonna lie, I don't like the outfit, but those abs are yummy! (Also those pants tho...) The song sounds so amazing aswell, I really like it! + THe choreo... I've got no words... 🤤
  3. marublade

    18+ Scary Woozi....

    The other members always mention and act like normally Woozi is realyl scary during recordings... I REALLY want to see that one camera! I want to see Woozi act his grumpy, grouchy and genius self of camera so I can masturbate to it! I also need him to PROPERLY reveal his abs... Those 2 am...