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  1. Reverie

    Information Ranking different groups eras Pt.4

    Today I am doing Everglow (I said I’d do them yesterday but I forgot lol :haylul:) <Once again no bad eras just some are at tiny bit better> 1. La Di Da (Everything about this era was perfect👌) 2. Bon Bon Chocolat 3. First/DUN DUN (I love both of these eras and I can’t rank one above the other...
  2. J


    You've been warned lol :joshmeh: I worked so hard on this video tho, what do you think ? does it look similar ? it was sooo hard to find out what she has on her eyes :susPepe: link of the video here
  3. RainbowDevil

    News Adios is slowly overtaking BBC

    It's been 4 days and Adios is already at almost as many views as Bon Bon Chocolat, that tells me it's just going to keep getting higher I think it's mostly international fans since obviously Koreans hate on them a lot for being from Yuehua but that's great if you ask me I know a lot of groups...
  4. kuro

    Audio omg this everpink mashup

    it's an actual bop :sj_weary:
  5. kuro

    Comeback Umpah Umpah vs Adios

    Umpah Umpah- Red Velvet vs Adios- Everglow personally, for me I prefer Umpah Umpah because it's a fun song and their visuals :sj_weary: but Adios is such a great song too, I love the chorus :sanapray: ----------------------------