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  1. maruberry

    Discussion I'm considering becoming an Au Pair

    For those unaware, an Au Pair is kind of like a babysitter, who lives with the family. An Au Pair is also usually from an other country. I've been thinking about this a lot and actually even have a prospective host family lined up. They are british and live in Liverpool. I really adore dealing...
  2. melancholia

    ANON ♡ Ms.Know-It-Ali♡

    do you have a problem? do you need advice? ~*then you came to the right place*~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- press the gif above MS.KNOW-IT-ALL WILL HELP side note: this is not an anon, you just have to send in your problems and i give advice
  3. Koala

    Official Look at Me, Look at This!

    Welcome one,and Welcome all! This is a place for photography! That’s right. Including you,you can Bless this thread with your selfie Make me go :llama_blush::llama_BLEED::llama_squish::llama_wave::llama_thug: Not just that! You can also post random pictures you take! And Earn likes,and...
  4. Koala

    ⭐️Ask Koala(LeeriaYa)🌟

    :llama_cheer: Hi Hi~! So,I’m trying to improve my post count up more! My points,too Here you can ask me anything. I’ll give you a quote I make,and we can even just talk here. Please help me! It can be all types of advice. I’m surprisingly expierienced with alt. You can even ask me as a mod of...