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  1. RockyGoose

    I have a shrexy aesthetics again~~

    No more doughnuts. (like doughnuts are so un-fashionable now a days) Now Shrek has become the ninth member of ATEEZ. And he is an outlaw. I just thought Shrek would fit well with that concept photo....
  2. RockyGoose

    I have an ethereal aesthetics now

    Well... I made a thread some few days ago where I had users deciding my aesthetics. "ethereal" and "Shrek" had the most votes. But I choose "ethereal", because I kind of don't feel like having a Shrek aesthetics at the moment. Actually, I have used this aesthetics before in a different forum...
  3. RockyGoose

    Just for fun, decide my next aesthetics

    I might not be using these images though... Pastel rocky Ethereal Dark Floral Silent Film Summery Space Lovecore Fantasy Shrek
  4. RockyGoose

    Some aesthetics, I have had

    Just showing DPs and sigs. and the ones I liked I had those in a different forum.
  5. xtra

    Signature thread

    I gonna just drop here my signature :pepeheart:
  6. Abeamus

    How much time do you spend on your layout

    Like 5-10 minutes :susPepe:
  7. FaceMcShooty

    Woozi vs Wonwoo

    What is your preferred leg hair aesthetic? :sanapray: maruif's dp: or Wonwoo
  8. kuro

    help me with my badges

    @goyo @Yolks @Mangoey you're awards do something @MochiFace king I need your help - so I need to make an aesthetic, hopefully with that badges I already have, to match my DP/sig :sanapray: someone help me please :yolk:
  9. GloriousHavoc

    What is the main concept of your bias group?

    I don't mean the cute/sexy/badass divide, but something more specific. Are there themes and motifs that keep reappearing from comeback to comeback? While rewatching Seventeen's MVs, I realized how much they reference the process of audio and video production: from writing, recording, training...
  10. Q

    Your feelings on....

    My dowoo aesthetic? Personally, I love it. Though i'd like a different sig but i'm not sure what. I love the cuteness that's all folks