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ah yeah

  1. K

    I would like to thank this day for ending

    I got up early and failed to get things done (things I've been putting off all week) 👍 I went to work and saw ma boi and he never even mentioned anything about Valentine's day :joshmeh: But other people sure as heck did - first this girl was like "well did you get your choco and flowers??" and I...
  2. Minuteman

    Tourney [POLL] Ah Yeah vs I Love You - EXID vs AOA Tournament KPS Edition Round 2

    #2 AH YEAH VS #7 I LOVE YOU EXID VS AOA TOURNAMENT - KPS EDITION EXID BRACKET Welcome to Round 2 of the EXID vs AOA Tournament! If you've followed my tournaments on AKP, you'll probably know that I like to finish every match in a round before moving on to the next one. But because of my...