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album giveaway

  1. ItsJusJess

    Intro New to KPOP

    Hey everyone! I'm Jessica and brand spanking new to KPOP. I just recently went to the SuperM's concert in Dallas/Fort Worth and let me tell you it didn't disappoint. I got double merch/freebies at said concert and I'm doing a giveaway it's international so anyone can be put in the drawing. I...
  2. Junkyu

    Announcement Album Giveaway winner

    Congratulations to @Minyoongimin for winning the giveaway, you will have till end of the month to pm me to claim the prize, prize will be given out only after the 15th.
  3. NeoSquare

    Announcement December Raffle starts today!

    Hello deer forum peepz We announce that the December Raffle is officially opened! You can read the rules and sign up here. ATTENTION: Once you enter the giveaway, it is not possible to remove!!! Good luck Greetz, your community manager :llama_uwu:
  4. Junkyu

    Event Limited Album Giveaway Event

    Hello everyone, first of all i would like to give thanks to everyone who has supported us so far, to give back to the support that we have received so far, we are introducing this limited time event. I will explain more about the event below. Limited Time Event ( Ongoing ) First & second place...