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all kill

  1. Darkseid

    Chart Could we actually see a Brave Girls All-Kill in 2021??

    I think they'll definitely reach #1 on Flo :susPepe: Not sure about Melon but they're climbing and even if they reach top 10, I'll be shook lol. But do y'all think we could actually see an all kill? :jisoosmh: This is still so wild lmao, few days ago we had IU comfortably sitting on top with...
  2. A

    Jung Beomjune. Another sajaegi accusation or actual digital monster?

    Newest comeback by Jung Beomjune is killing the instiz charts: Of course, Naver is being a bitch, but that's already well known. My question is, is this someone who is very known or are we about to witness some more sajaegi accusations?