1. Porntip_Siriporn

    My AMA (Ask Me Anything) I decided to make this, because I want to see it continue

    Ask me anything. I don't mind. I don't really talk much about myself anyways here. So please reply if you want to get to know me better. Thanks I was going to tag. But folks know me well enough here as it is. Being MOM and other things. So I didn't feel obligated. Okay I will tag now: Since...
  2. Darkseid

    The 1st and Last Senpai weekend AMA [CLOSED NOW]

    Hi guys! Planning on doing this anon from tonight (Friday) until Sunday. If it even makes it past the first page that is. Why am I doing this? I'll let y'all know on Monday, I have something planned I assure you. I've never done a solo anon/AMA so plz don't let me flop. No topic is taboo- ask...