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an ode

  1. maruberry

    Appreciation I proclaim this the best song ever!

    Snapshoot outsold Y'all!
  2. maruberry

    18+ Woozi is my god

    Woozi just OOZES boss energy. Like he can turn it off if he wants to look cute, the other members have said Woozi knows exactly what he is doing at all time. but at other times the energy he gives off... That strong aura of power is just BEAUTIFUL to watch and I can't even imagine what it would...
  3. maruberry

    Appreciation Woozi is seriously out to kill me...

    Woozi really wants to kill me with this comeback! He looks SO GOOD! He looks amazing and then his dancing i just so sharp and amazing and combined with his facial expressions I just CAN'T! That is even without saying that he is coming at me from all sides this comeback! Usually it's like...
  4. maruberry

    Appreciation This is the best Woozi fancam ever!

    I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE! Look how happy he looks! He looks like he is having so much fun and he looks cute and just so good and I LOVE IT!
  5. maruberry

    Seventeen physical sales this comeback are INSANE

    They are outdoing themselves! Today (18.09) has been their highest sales day ever PERIOD! Today their album An Ode sold 181,156 Copies on Hanteo! An Ode has been out for 3 days now and has sold a total of 377,426 copies! IN 3 DAYS! For comparison, they have surpassed the 1st week sale amount...
  6. GloriousHavoc

    I feel sorry for Seventeen

    Their graphic design gets shittier with every comeback: Seventeen deserves better, and they surely earn enough money for Pledis to hire a graphic designer :pandacop: Hell, a first year student can do better than this...