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  1. Jewel

    Video 니엘 NIEL 'Single Love' LIVE CLIP

  2. RockyGoose

    angel caught on camera (not fake)

    Yup, Yunho is an angel.
  3. litc

    Appreciation So this is what angels sound like

    SO THIS IS WHAT ANGELS SOUND LIKE:ankha: (timestamped) Hakmin's falsettos.:pandaamazed: I swear this is what angels must sound like.:shockedcover: He must have the most most beautiful voice in the world:pandaamazed: His really makes me feel something. This ain't even an...
  4. maruberry

    Cover Woozi covering "bye bye my blue"

    His voice is so angelic.... :pandasad: I wanna hear him sing me to sleep!
  5. maruberry

    Appreciation I have found one of my favorite Kai fancams again!

    This is one of my favorite Kai fancams! For a while I lost the link for it and I had a hard time finding it again... but now! I HAVE IT AGAIN AND IT IS JUST AS WONDERFUL AS I REMEMBER! It doesn't help that Angel is still one of my favorite EXO songs! I just adore that song, I adore the choreo...
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation Woozi is an actual angel

    He looks like an angel He sounds like an agel He is an angel nothing more to say
  7. maruberry

    Idols who might be actual angels

    Who are some idols who are too good to be true, too precious for this world and too giving to actually be real! Here are my nominations! NCT/WayV Kun - Has that man gotten angry ever? He leads his members well and they all adore him, he takes care of them, cooks for them and listens to them...
  8. maruberry

    Appreciation Kun is the only member of NCT that matters!

    Kun is the only one who matters, because he is AMAZING and so talented and a literal angel! Sometimes I stop and think about just how can a person who is so fundamentally nice and kind as Kun is! How does somebody like that even exist? I am convinced he is an actual angel in human form! He is...
  9. maruberry

    Appreciation Let us appreciate Xiumins existance!

    Xiumin is our perfect vampire chinese kid! We will love him and remember him and wait for him! His vocals are heavenly and his dancing is stunning! He is such a sweet and caring person, so we will care for him also! He loves us so much, so we will love him back!
  10. maruberry

    Appreciation Woozi is perfection!

    Woozi looks like an angel. He looks like he doesn't belong on this earth and deserves to be someplace better! His voice sounds like the purest voice in the world, like it shouldn't even exist! He looks so perfect, so delicate but so strong at the same time! I want to tell him how MUCH I love...