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  1. Ilyedward

    Do you prefer angst or fluff?

    tbh I can go either way haha
  2. maruberry

    SOMEBODY HELP I'm full of non-serious angst

    HEEEEELP I've been REALLY into the Dream SMP for a while now and there is this one member Ranboo... And he has such a wonderful character and he is SO GOOD at acting it but just... THE ANGST HE ENDED THE STREAM ON AN ANGST CLIFFHANGER AND NOW I AM STUCK WITH ANGST FFS HEEEEEEELP It's so...
  3. kuro

    Fanfiction no more dream | bts oneshot

    warning | this is absolute shit, only took five minutes between math and english homework to write read at your own caution *angsty - no more dream (listen with piano covers: preferably ‘i need u’ by smyang) “jungkook.” he said softly, reaching for the younger’s sleeve, but he was pushed away...