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  1. Tiffany

    Announcement Performance Improvements & changes (6/8/2020)

    I have implemented a series of database optimizations over the last week & added lazyload (What is lazyload? - link) for avatar, images & various image icons in the forum which should improve the perceived lag that users with weaker devices have been experiencing. Also, we now support gyfcat and...
  2. Tsukino

    Tourney 143~ (One Four Three) tournament matches and results thread

    round 1 Rhapsody Noise vs Funky Night Lilac no Sora ni... vs Bang! This Life vs NEVER DIE Dance Dance vs Shinsekai round 2 Shinsekai vs NEVER DIE Dance Dance vs Bang! This Life vs Funky Night Lilac no Sora ni... vs Rhapsody Noise round 3 Rhapsody Noise vs Dance Dance Shinsekai vs This Life...
  3. Mangoey

    Announcement The Temporary Awards Promotion is now over

    TEMPORARY PROMOTION If the badge you made for a certain group wins the final round, you may request ONE of the winning badges that YOU created for that group. However, at least two of your badges need to have won for that group, and you need to have made at least five suggestions. When...
  4. Tiffany

    Announcement Welcome Everyone!

    After many hours of coffees & pizza consumed in order to make the website, we are proud to announce that we are happy to accept new members into our community, we hope everyone will be pleased with our many features, see you in the community soon! We have many features in place, please check...